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align&ease brand identity design

Sometimes the simplest things are the strongest. The owner of A&E Massage Therapy already had an idea in mind for the direction of her company logo. After evaluating the competitive landscape, I wanted to present something different that would allow A&E Massage to stand out. The result was a simple, deconstructed A&E icon (which stands for align & ease) both of which align in perfect symmetry. Symbolically and harmoniously, the A serves to represent the body as your house or temple, and the E represents your spine. The logo is further softened by its circular container. 


A&E Masssge Therapy Brand Design
A&E Masssge Therapy Logo Design
A&E Masssge Therapy Design
branding for massage therapy
branding for massage therapy
branding for massage therapy
branding for massage therapy

brand colours

In an industry where the brand colour story is largely dominated by cool hues of greens and blues, we chose to curate the brand palette with warm, earthy tones. This deliberate choice allows A&E Massage Therapy to differentiate her brand and provide a welcome sensibility to clients.   

A&E branding alt logo white

The ampersand style is custom made and is the most symmetrical to reflect the company's core value of alignment. The elements of the brand allow for a series of brandmarks and logos making it a versatile brand identity.

A&E branding brandmark
testimonial quotation

You have really taken my idea and brand to a new level I was not expecting! I feel like you have represented me and my style so well and I am so impressed!! 

Jess Herbert | A&E Massage Therapy

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