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brenda terry design


Brenda hired me when she was building her coaching business and needed brand assets from top to bottom. She is a NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Coach and Master Trainer.


We started with the business essentials like business cards and website banners. She knows her way around Photoshop so I set up several templates for her to edit as needed.


Brenda is always building new and exciting parts of her brand. We continue to work collaboratively on her ever-growing business from marketing to social media content creation. There isn't much we haven't done together!

Business card designs for Personal Coach
brenda terry brand set

To give her website proper flow, I designed page banners throughout her site that were consistent with the tone of her Master Coach business and sub-brand, the Mind Revolution Podcast.


To generate new leads and provide incredible free content for clients and followers, we designed The 10 Step Problem Solving Formula e-book. This cornerstone content on her website is found through beautifully designed website banners and social media graphics to generate traffic to her site.

Brenda Terry website banner design deskt
Brenda Terry 10-Step Formula Banner

Together we created a curated content style for her Instagram feed. We established templates and have created a strong brand experience for her social media followers.

social media curated content
brenda terry social media post
brenda terry social media post template
brenda terry social media post quote

Her willingness to help others through NLP is sincere and her capacity to grow her business is inspiring. Brenda drives new leads through webinars, lead magnets, quizzes and sells both live and online courses. With each of these campaigns, a series of design collateral ensues. From marketing campaigns to the webinars themselves. Fro


webinar design
forgiveness prayer e-book design

Jenny has made a big, positive impact on my brand and its message. She is extremely knowledgeable, dedicated, professional, and has a wonderful creative eye. I can always count on her to lead me in the direction that most serves my brand. Jenny's design work is excellent, and she shows genuine interest in her clients. She is an important member of my team. I LOVE HER.

BRENDA TERRY | Master Coach & NLP Trainer

testimonial quotation

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