Make More TO is a boutique textile design studio located in Toronto, Ontario. Make More is the opposite of fast fashion, their pieces are made to last with careful consideration put into wear and materials. My design for Make More's brand identity was inspired by and evolved from a simple button.  

The intention behind this design is two-fold: the central icon is meant to abstractly depict an “M” made from the threads which are perpetually sewn through the button holes.


Similarly, this “M” is also meant to allude to the idea of infinity and the notion of making more by way of its constant loop. Repeating the name, Make More TO, around the button’s edge further alludes to this idea of more while also honouring the button design for which it is based. 

brand colours

The biggest challenge in designing this visual identity was keeping it gender neutral but we succeeded in the outcome. The strength of the brand identity is also reflected in its versatility. Make More TO's brand design system contains five logos and brandmarks. These include the primary logo design, stacked logo, wordmark, and two brandmark icons.

testimonial quotation

Jenny was an absolute delight to work with. The initial questionnaire really helped me define my brand more. She was fast, professional and the end result was a comprehensive and easy to use design package that has pushed my brand to the next level. Excellent value, excellent work, could not be happier!


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