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Updated: Jun 29, 2022

I told my sister a few months ago how much I’ve been wanting a dog, though I know it’s just not the right time for me. Living in the Annex neighbourhood of Toronto, I am always running into the cutest pups, further increasing my desire to welcome a dog into my life.

So my sister mentions this wonderful charity that she follows on Instagram called Redemption Paws. They are a foster-based Canadian charity that help to relocate dogs who have been affected by climate change and natural disaster situations. Things like hurricanes, wildfires, drought and earthquakes. I immediately clicked follow on their Instagram account and have been in awe of their cause ever since.

While I’m not yet in a position to foster or adopt — though next year I am definitely aiming to become a foster — I’ve been thinking of ways I can both support this incredible charity while also bringing awareness to the amazing work they do. My pledge is to donate 15% of my booked earnings in August and September to Redemption Paws! Why 15%? Well, let me tell you about Mitzi, our beloved family rescue, with whom we got to share 15 glorious years growing up.


My sister and I know first hand how amazing and fulfilling adopting a pet can be. When we were kids, our parents adopted our family dog, Mitzi, from our local shelter, SHAID, in Nova Scotia. Mitzi was around six months old and had come from an abusive family — so she was a bit skittish around men, with the exception of my dad, who became her BEST friend.

our dog mitzi
This is Mitzi in her later years

She loved to stalk the chipmunk that lived in our old oak tree or curl up in the crook of your legs when you were laying in bed or on the couch. And everyday like clockwork, she would stand at the window at 2:45pm, waiting for Dad to walk up the street from work. Her internal clock was unbelievable.

Mitzi lived fifteen glorious years. I can’t imagine growing up without her. Rescuing a pet and giving them a second chance in life is such a rewarding decision, one that provides you companionship, unconditional love, and a lifetime of memories. Which is why I think it is so important to spread the word about the Redemption Paws charity.


Redemption Paws is the only dog rescue in the world that focuses on the impacts of climate change and natural disasters on homeless dogs. They are a shelter-free foster program, which means they are always looking for new fosters and adopters to give the dogs they rescue safe and loving homes. They help all dogs regardless of age, breed or gender, including those with special needs or who are visually or hearing impaired.

How do they work? Periodically, they send volunteers down to places south of the border in temperature controlled vans to rescue sometimes dozens of dogs at a time. One of their recent rescue missions back in June they rescued 46 dogs from West Texas! Each dog is seen by a veterinarian both before and after arriving in Canada to ensure they are healthy and taken care of.

dogs that need to be adopted
Just a few of the Redemption Paws dogs you can help (image from Redemption Paws' Instagram)

The dogs spend about a week with their boarder and trainers who get to know the dogs’ personality and needs in order to best prepare them for their new lives and find them the right adoptive home. This is where the fosters come in. The rescue dogs are put into the homes of qualified fosters until they are able to find these right forever homes.

Those looking to adopt are properly screened and Redemption Paws staff do their best to ensure that their rescue dogs, many of whom are coming from sad and uncertain situations, are paired with the right people to begin this next chapter in their life.


Redemption Paws has no paid employees and is run largely by volunteers. Without a shelter to pay for, all of the donations they receive are spent on things like transportation costs, veterinarian care, dog training and boarding, administrative costs and promotions. They are extremely transparent with how their donations are put to use.


1. Apply to become a Foster. They are looking for foster homes in the Toronto/GTA and surrounding area.

2. Apply to Adopt. They are looking for adoptive homes in the Toronto/GTA and surrounding area. The adoption fee is $678 for dogs, or $791 for puppies born under their care. The fee includes spay/neuter, shots and any relative vetting. These adoption fees make up 55% of Redemption Paws’ total income. Visit their Adoptables Page to meet the dogs.

3. Apply to become a Volunteer. Redemption Paws is always looking for volunteers to help support these pups in need. From drivers to administrative help — you can apply to volunteer here.

4. Make a Donation. Every little bit counts and can impact a dog’s life forever. Just recently, through the support of very generous donations, they were able to pay for their largest vet bill to date for one of their tiniest rescue dogs, Cozy. She was not doing so well but is now on the mend all thanks to the support of donors.

5. Buy Merchandise. Support Redemption Paws by purchasing some merch and further spreading the word about this cause. The revenue from their merch sales helps keep this charity going!

6. Buy from their Amazon Wish List. You don’t have to send them money. You can send them supplies they need with the click of a button from their Amazon wish list.

I hope you’ll take a moment to support Redemption Paws through at least one of the six methods above. Please be sure to follow them on Instagram to follow their incredible work and spread the word about the Redemption Paws cause!

Want to meet some of these amazing canines? Tomorrow, July 28th at 8:30 EST they are hosting an Instagram Live event called “Meet the Mutts” where you can meet some of their loveable adoptables.

redemption paws promo banner

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