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business coach brand identity
minimalist logo design



innovative, distinct, prosperous


Sequential Success empowers prominent professionals to become the architects of their success journey through self-uncovering and personal mastery. They help their clients to find alignment in the work they do, while profiting financially and spiritually. Unlike traditional coaching, their methodology centres around the individual’s intrinsic skillset and reason for being so they can make an impact on their own terms.

logo design for sequential success
business coach brand identity
minimalist logo design

The intention and purpose behind Sequential Success was to pioneer a new way of doing business. They wanted to trigger a domino effect where impactful leadership and individual fulfillment emerge as a result of committing to personal mastery.

The brand identity needed to bridge the gap between conventional business methodologies—where her clients have been and are familiar—with a promise of something new and profound—where they seek to go.

tagline logo design graphic
minimalist logo design
tagline logo design
minimalist logo design

The tagline, Monetizing your Mastery, conveys exactly how my client wanted her brand to feel: high-end and masterful.


This feeling of abundance is woven throughout the brand identity through the colour choices and minimalist design style we opted for. The deep rich tones of navy, gold, and ebony suggest high-status while the softer neutrals balance and brighten the palette.

tagline circle
wave logo design for business coach
business card design
horizontal logo design

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