Gain clarity in your business so you can build a brand people connect with!


Using the strategies of brand discovery, this workshop unlocks the deeper truths of your business so you can build a meaningful brand that attracts and connects with the people you're in business to serve!

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You have a product or service that will benefit others but you struggle to find them

You are just starting out and aren’t sure where to begin

You're lacking focus and direction in your business

You want to feel more confident and aligned in your business


You are always two steps behind the competition


You have a business that’s evolved in scope


You are feeling out of touch with your existing branding


You are ready to invest the time to really discover your brand and business

The aha-moments you've been looking for in your business, you'll find in the Brand Discovery workshop.


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To succeed in the market today, you need to create a brand that makes people feel good about spending their hard earned cash.


And you WILL become the brand that people connect with and are loyal to, it just takes strategic questions to get there!


Imagine knowing exactly what you stand for and what you don't. Imagine having a crystal clear persona of your ideal customer—one that YOU connect with and can easily build a brand around.


When you have clarity on your purpose, your people, and your path—you become empowered in your business!

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It's time to look at your business strategically.

In just 5 weeks, you'll go from being directionless and unsure, to confident and inspired! YAY! This workshop takes you through a step-by-step framework that will deliver breakthroughs in your business, each one contributing to the foundation of your brand and brand vision. 


Five Brand Discovery workbooks with 80+ strategic questions that dig deep on your business, target audience, competition, brand direction and more!

Five video lessons to accompany each week's workbook for clearer insight on the benefits of each Brand Discovery phase.

Lifetime access to the Brand Discovery Facebook Community so you can ask questions, share your progress, stay accountable, and be inspired!

BONUS $200 discount on my brand packages.


Hi! I’m Jenny!

I'm a brand designer and brand strategist dedicated to designing meaningful brands that empower passionate entrepreneurs.


The Brand Discovery Workshop emerged from my own client experience. The feedback I was getting from clients about the branding journey was that they were walking away feeling more aligned in their business.

How? Because brand discovery is the first step of the branding journey.


As a designer, I use strategic questions to provide proper insights on your business so we can create a truly meaningful brand. These insights dig deep on who you are as a business, your goals, your target audience, and even the competitive landscape.


Turns out, many of my clients had a lot of discovery to do themselves. Here's what one of my clients said about the process:

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Needless to say the entire process didn't just result in a fantastic brand ... but it actually helped me to gain a greater understanding of my business. I couldn't have been happier!

Farheen Ali

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Sometimes you just need the right questions to discover what really drives your business. This is the goal of the Brand Discovery Workshop: I’m putting the same strategies I use with my own clients into this 5 week workshop to give you the tools you need to gain that deeper understanding of your business and brand direction.

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I know you've got a product or service that is designed to make a difference in someone's life.


So how do you get those people—YOUR people—to not only find your business, but to actively choose you over the competition?


It all starts with Brand Discovery. When you're able to focus on the problem you’re solving over the product you're selling, people start to take notice.


This workshop gives you the tools to connect with your audience by better understanding the struggles they face that you can help solve.

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Here's how the workshop will unfold:

WEEK 1-Brand Discovery

Discover the driving forces behind why you do what you do to build the foundation for your business. You’ll also forecast your trajectory so you can build a brand that grows with your business.

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WEEK 2-Defining Your Ideal Client

Everything starts and ends with your ideal clients in mind. You’ll work to define who they are, what they struggle with, what motivates their behavior, and how to connect with them. You’ll create ideal customer profiles to guide your brand and business going forward.

WEEK 3-Surveying the Competitive Landscape

In order to truly stand out in the marketplace, you need to get a feel for the competitive landscape. You’ll do a competitive analysis on your industry to uncover opportunities for differentiation in your business and brand strategies.

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WEEK 4-Brand Personality and Tone

Armed with all that you know about your business’ purpose, ideal clients and competitive landscape, you’ll begin breathing life into your brand. Using emotional branding strategies you’ll fine tune your brand messaging and style.

WEEK 5-Building Your Brand Vision

Backed by your in-depth discovery about your business, in your final week you’ll start to visualize your brand. I’ll walk you through the framework I use to start collecting visual assets to inspire your brand vision — the final step before branding itself.

Do it at your own pace.

These videos and workbooks are released each week, but there are no deadlines. You can take your time or use the Facebook Community to stay accountable and on track! With focus and commitment, you'll gain the confidence you're seeking in your business.

What people are saying about the



Jenny’s Brand Discovery Workshop was everything I never knew I needed! These five weeks called me to take a deep dive in search of clarity. Clarity of my offerings, clarity of my values and how I wanted to present myself to potential clients. This self led program is incredibly intuitive to move through and the content was easy to digest. If you’re on the fence about where to invest in yourself I can’t think of a better place to get started with your business.

Sara Anne Mader, SAM Lightwork

I am very happy that I took this workshop. Branding and marketing seemed outside of my reach before the Brand Discovery workshop. Now I have a lot of material to work with – a motto, an updated value proposition, the way I want my clients to feel while and after we work together, 3 ideal client personas, a list of competitors, and so on. I used a few of these already to update my website and LinkedIn. You have no idea how grateful I am for this workshop. I don’t feel stuck anymore. I really feel that I made a huge amount of progress.

Lana Melnichuk, Two Steps Forward Consulting

This workshop was great! It made me look at my business in a totally new way. It gave me the critical lens I needed to analyze my brand in a whole new way. By breaking down my “why” I’m able to better connect with my audience and understand why they interact with my brand.

Orna Quinn, OQ Bakes


You're officially on the waitlist!



Five workbooks with 80+ strategic questions and tasks to gain a deeper understanding of your business and brand direction.

Five video lessons to accompany each week's workbook for clearer insight on the benefits of each Brand Discovery phase.

Connect with other business owners like you in the Brand Discovery Facebook Community. This is a perfect place for feedback and support. I’ll be in there too to help you get the most out of the workshop!

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Gain confidence in your business by clarifying your brand message, target audience, and business trajectory!

BONUS $200 discount on my brand packages.

Are you ready to discovery the deeper value in your business?





Why 5 Weeks?

I’ve designed the workshop in a way that will allow you to spend proper time on the workbooks each week without getting ahead of yourself. The questions inside are meant to provoke deep thinking and reflection.


What can I expect to get out of the Brand Discovery Workshop?

You’ll be provided a strategic framework for discovering the deeper value within your business. The workbooks are designed to clarify what your mission is, who you aim to serve, and how to differentiate yourself from the competition. If you do the work with intention and heart you’ll walk away more aligned in your business and its brand direction.


How much time should I allot for the workshop?

To get the most out of this workshop, I would commit to putting approximately 3-5 hours of work each week (or per workbook). But remember, you can do this at your own pace if you need more time.


Will there be help along the way?

Yes! If you have questions, I am more than happy to help guide you towards the best outcome for you and your business. You’ll also have peer support by other business owners like you in the Brand Discovery Community group on Facebook.


What if I can’t keep up with the workshop?

These are your workbooks to keep so you can work at them in time with the workshop or at your own pace. Don’t rush the process, it’s important to take your time to get the most out of the process. 


Do I get a brand identity from the workshop?

No. This workshop is designed to give you a deeper understanding of your business and brand direction. It is a perfect starting place to prepare you for branding or rebranding your business with a designer. You will receive a $200 discount on my brand packages for 2021.

Are you ready to discovery the deeper truths in your business?

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