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content marketing

The Content Marketing Planner
& Content Repurposing Template for Notion

The Content Marketing Planner is an all-in-one tool for simple but strategic content planning and content repurposing. 

content planning for small business

The Easiest Way to Manage, Track, and Organize All of Your Content

Content marketing can be overwhelming but with the right template, you can truly excel at it!


The Content Marketing Planner makes it easy for you to take one idea and repurpose it with the utmost ease into these eight different forms of content:

  🎞️ Instagram Reels

  🎠 Carousel Posts

  📸 Regular Posts

  🤳 Instagram Stories

  💻 Blog Posts

  📬 Emails

  🔗 LinkedIn Posts

  📌 Pinterest Pins

Plus, the template is fully customizable to suit your preferred content channels

Keep all of your Past, Current, and Future Content Ideas in One Place

If you’ve ever had your Instagram account shut down or lost reel drafts, you’ll understand the overwhelming dread of so much work LOST FOREVER.


This doesn’t need to happen! The Content Marketing Planner becomes your content idea bank. This central hub allows you to store every detail, from captions to creative, in one safe place.

Content Planning Template and Content Repurposing.gif

Content Repurposing Has Never Been Easier

You're about to become a content machine.

❎ No more time wasted digging up old content.

❎ No more staring out the window, waiting for inspiration to strike.


For each content idea you add to your Content Repurposing Tracker, you can easily copy and paste snippets from past captions, blog posts, or emails and repurpose it into another form of content all within the same window.


Can’t remember when you last posted on a particular topic?

Track the date and add a link for each content post for ease of reference and management.


The Content Planning Tools included in this Template

content calendar and planner

🗓 The Content Calendar

Easily organize and forecast your upcoming monthly content with the Content Planning Calendar. Jot down ideas, note important dates, use emojis and colour to distinguish content and grid styles, and track which content you’ve already scheduled. The Content Calendar is designed to help you visualize your upcoming content at a glance.

🌪 The Content Funnel Navigator

The Content Funnel Navigator ensures you're actively moving followers closer to buying from you. This is where you’ll create a list of content ideas for each phase of your content marketing funnel: awareness, interest, consideration, and decision. Regularly refer to the Content Funnel Navigator to ensure you're always creating content for people at different phases of your content marketing funnel.

content marketing funnel
content repurposing manager

🚠 The Content Repurposing Tracker

The true hero of this entire Notion template is the Content Repurposing Tracker. Each content idea you add to your Content Repurposing Tracker will give you exactly what you need to transform that idea into any of the eight content outputs. Store all the details from captions to creative for every single content idea. Plus, easily track which ideas have been repurposed while you queue up the next!

Inside the Content Repurposing Tracker, you're able to:

+ Easily access all of your captions and long-form content surrounding an idea

+ Note specific call-to-actions

+ Upload and store your content images and videos

+ Log content post dates and links to posts

+ List hashtags and relevant keywords

+ Track your content repurposing progress for each idea

+ Queue up your idea for the next type of content

+ Fully customize the Repurposing Tracker to your preferred content channels

repurposing content template
hashtag lists for content marketing

#️⃣ Hashtag Lists & Creative Resources

I’m not ready to give up on hashtags yet! Curate your own custom hashtag lists for specific types of content and targets. Easily copy and paste them directly from the Hashtag List into your content outlines inside the Content Repurposing Tracker.


For an added bonus, I’ve included links to my favourite creative resources for content creation.

Jenny, your Notion content marketing planner is excellent! So well designed, makes managing, tracking and organizing my content ideas so easy!

Ruba, Ruba Botanica

The Content Marketing Planner Template

The all-in-one content planner and repurposing tool your business needs! Compatible with the free version of Notion. The template Includes:
+ Content Calendar
+ Content Funnel Navigator
+ Content Repurposing Tracker
+ Hashtag Lists
+ Creative Resources

The Best Content Planning Template
content planning tool

Created inside Notion

jenny henderson designer and strategist

Hi! I'm Jenny!

A brand strategist, designer and small business owner just like you. I'm a creative thinker and passionate designer who does my best work well-caffeinated and in cozy pants.

Here at the Studio, I partner with service-based small businesses to develop memorable brand experiences and strategic brand foundations to improve their recognition and revenue.


Thanks for being here!

Use the Content Planning App on the Go with Notion!

Quickly jot down your content ideas or reference your content calendar whenever and wherever.

My best ideas come to me when I least expect them to. Which is why it’s important to have a content planning app. Download the Notion mobile app to use the Content Marketing Planner on the go.

content marketing planner mobile app

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize the template?

Absolutely! The beauty of Notion is that everything is super easy to customize. Inside your Content Marketing Planner I give you a brief video walkthrough and show you how you can customize your Content Repurposing Tracker to best suit your preferred content channels. To get better acquainted with all that Notion can do, check out their Learning Centre.

Can I use this template with a free Notion account?

Yes this template is compatible with Notion’s free Personal Plan. Under the free Personal Plan you can upload up to 5MB of files, images, and video. However, I do recommend upgrading to the Personal Pro account to get unlimited uploads that will allow you to back up your content files. This will allow you to safely store all of your content graphics and videos and it’s super affordable at only approximately $50/year!

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, no. Due to the digital nature of this template and the instant access you get, all sales are final and non-refundable.

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