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Looking for clarity in your brand?
Find it in The Studio's free


2021 brand questionnaire

Having a strategy is important for your business. It all starts with brand discovery and clarity.

brand discovery questionnaire

Our Brand Discovery Questionnaire has 38 questions that ask you to take a deeper look into who you are, what you do, and why it matters. It's like a mini therapy session for your business—except it's free!


The Questionnaire focuses on five areas:

The Business Essentials

The Brand Essentials

The Audience

The Competition

The Brand Influencers

Investing the time to better understand what drives your business will result in a brand that connects with your audience, maximizes your efficiency and leads to more profit in your business!

You need a brand that reflects your passion.

Building a business is a lot of work and you need a brand that reflects your passion and mission. The Brand Discovery Questionnaire helps you clarify your goals, define your ideal clients and see how you measure up to the competition in an effort to gain a deeper understanding of your brand and business.


We’ve strategically designed this questionnaire to uncover the authentic value in your business so you can feel more confident and aligned in what you do and how you exist in the marketplace.



downloads and counting!

brand strategy course

An affordable brand foundations course for emerging small businesses and solopreneurs

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