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Client Testimonials

Jenny is a true gem. I have been waiting two years to work with her and I am so happy I had the opportunity to.  I had a very clear vision of what I wanted for my brand and Jenny knocked it out of the park, like I knew she would. She was consistent with communication and always delivered top notch work. I can say confidently that I could give her a creative brief, disappear, and she could deliver my vision at the end.  I would trust Jenny with any creative project at any price point. She is the best.

Kathleen McDonald, The Main Stage

the main stage design
sticker logo design air balloon

I had the recent pleasure of working with Jenny to design my brand for my new small business: Story Drama Suite. I wasn’t sure what to expect beyond a logo design and colour scheme. What she crafted for me was invaluable. Aside from her professionalism, clear communication, creative eye, attention to detail, and individualized, personal creations that matched my own imagined branding perfectly, Jenny went above and beyond with the vast amount of assets she provided me. I now have hundreds of combinations of graphics, logos, wordmarks, and more to strengthen the visual impact of my business. Jenny has carefully explained how every aspect of my branding can be used in a variety of platforms (digital, print, media, etc.) and I couldn’t be more excited and confident to start my business journey.  I promise you will not find another designer more thoughtful, imaginative, and skilled than Jenny Henderson. She knows the success of your brand reflects the quality of her own, and thus, she will work with you to ensure you are beyond satisfied and ready to introduce your company/organization/event to the world!

Michelle Gram Giesen, Story Drama Suite

Working with Jen was smooth and easy. She made the creative aspects of the project fun to be a partner in and delivered work that nailed it. I think this is because she not only listened to what I was saying but she also heard what I was trying to say - and therefore landed this project where only I dreamed of going. Awesome work!

Randal Lyons, The Sober Shaman

brand launch
brokerage sign

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jenny on many projects over the years and can confidently say she’s the best. When I decided to launch Maxine Ramirez Realty it was a clear choice on who to partner with! Overall, it was an excellent experience. As an entrepreneur juggling competing priorities, I truly value her ability to keep our projects moving forward. She’s a master communicator and a trusted partner who I rely on to give me expert advice when it comes to what’s best for my business’s brand, and last but not least, she creates the most aesthetically pleasing designs! I highly recommend Jenny Henderson Studio for all of your branding and design needs!

Maxine Ramirez, Maxine Ramirez Realty

Jenny was fantastic to work with! I was at the stage of my business where things were starting to grow but I was still using a logo I designed myself in Canva. I was having trouble connecting with my audience and sending the right message behind my business. A big fear I had with rebranding was that it would lose my personality. Jenny’s brand concept showed me how I could still maintain the fun and personality I wanted while conveying the level of professionalism I needed to get high paying clients. Jenny made the whole process easy and well-defined, very helpful for someone like myself who doesn’t like to let go of control. She worked hard to iterate the brand concepts until we had something that I loved and can’t wait to use! In the future when my brand needs a refresh I know where I’ll be turning

Heather Lillico, Cultivating Calm + Heather Lillico

professional brand identity design mockup
logo design for grace + sparrow

As a small business owner who was looking at changing the branding for an existing and well-loved shop Jenny made the process very easy. I felt reassured that I was making the correct decision in rebranding and that it was safe in Jenny’s hands. I absolutely love the brand, fonts, colours, etc (especially the bird!) and Jenny caught on right away to the feel and look I was going for that no revisions needed to be made! I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone who is looking to create a brand strategy.

Jessica Yazdani, Grace+Sparrow

I had a business idea and was very passionate about what I wanted to do, but I struggled with how I wanted the world to see my brand. I needed to talk to a pro to discuss my ideas, what I hoped for my business, etc. There were so many things bouncing around in my head and I needed someone to take those “things” and turn it into something beautiful. I came across Jenny’s work often on social and I loved what she created with brands. I knew her style was similar to mine and that she would be the right person to help me. From our initial call to the last day of working together, Jenny was so organized, timely, easygoing, professional and just passionate about what her and I were creating together. It was so nice to see someone get excited with me for what I wanted to bring to the world. I really enjoyed working with Jenny and would highly recommend her. She is very skilled and super talented. Thanks a ton Jenny! You rock!

Natalie Hillinger, Natty Bodhi Creative

natty bodhi creative content creator
Audrey Watson retail strategist

Working with Jenny Henderson Studio helped me find the words to express the qualities and attributes of my client relationships, then represent these beautifully with fonts, brand colors and patterns.

Audrey Watson, Audrey Watson Retail Strategist

Jenny makes it look easy—she guides her client through a collaborative and inspiring approach to brand creation. But it is her unique, organized, and client-focused method that allows the process to flow so smoothly and the brand to be delivered so seamlessly. It takes a highly skilled designer, artist, and business expert to make the experience so smooth and simple for the client. Jenny is intuitive, friendly, organized, reliable, and highly-skilled at what she does. I am absolutely thrilled with my beautiful new brand, which she seems to have pulled right out of my heart.

Sheri Doyle, The River Pages

The River Pages Branding
PCG branding

I've worked with Jenny for a number of years, most recently on the rebrand of my business. Jenny is not only a fabulous designer, she is your brand coach throughout the entire process. Helping you not only bring your brand into the 21 century but finding its voice and purpose along the way.


A professional through and through but with the relaxed vibes of your bestie, Jenny will have you smiling through the entire process! Highly recommended.

Pierre Carapetian, Pierre Carapetian Group Realty

Working with Jenny was the best decision I could have possibly made for my business. Not only is my branding stunning, connected, intuitive and eye catching, but her work helped me further define the direction of business. Jenny is an absolute pleasure to work with, she goes so above and beyond for her clients and I truly couldn't imagine working with anyone else. Thank you Jenny for everything!!!!!

Kacey McCuen, Willow Care

willow care
North Street Dental branding design

Being a new business owner, I was a bit overwhelmed with the branding process. Jenny shared her expertise and guided me through the process with kindness and patience. She took the time to get to know my business and understand the direction I'd like to take it. The designs she provided were unique and unexpected (in the best way). I highly recommend Jenny Henderson Studio to anyone wanting to provide their new or existing business with a fresh look look that will target your desired audience.

Dr. Kelly Saxby, North Street Dental

Working with Jenny was so pleasant. She is professional, organized, and creative. She is approachable and friendly in all her communications, and she leads in a way that made me feel confident throughout the process. Her Discovery Questionnaire and Planner really helped me refine my business vision, which she then took great care in understanding before brand development. She was as enthusiastic and passionate about my business as I am. I simply can’t say enough about Jenny’s artistic talent. The Style Guide she created for us is a work of art. The Social Media Kit far exceeded our expectations. Jenny produced such a beautiful brand design package that perfectly reflects who we are and what we do. ​

Sheri Doyle, Song Moon Press

song moon press brand launch

Jenny has made a big, positive impact on my brand and its message. She is extremely knowledgeable, dedicated, professional, and has a wonderful creative eye. I can always count on her to lead me in the direction that most serves my brand. Jenny's design work is excellent, and she shows genuine interest in her clients. She is an important member of my team. I LOVE HER.


Jenny, I love what you’ve done with my brand... you’ve evolved it to fit my voice, my work and what is truly in my soul... you are a fantastic brand designer, your work ethic is incomparable, and you keep me on track to stay true to my brand. Your work has made all the difference.

Brenda Terry, Brenda Terry Co

I can not say enough about my fantastic experience with Jenny Henderson studio. From the very beginning I felt that my thoughts and ideas were taken into consideration and the entire process was wonderfully collaborative. Jenny's designs and concepts were well thought out and incredibly detailed and really helped me to develop my brand beyond my expectations. Needless to say the entire process didn't just result in a fantastic brand style guide and logo but it actually helped me to gain a greater understanding of my business. I couldn't have been happier! ​

Farheen Ali, The Spring Moon

the spring moon branding
mama etc brand design

Jenny Henderson is an absolute pleasure to work with. She was able to take my (often very confusing!) requests and ideas and take them to the next level, turning them into something beautiful. She really helped me take a good hard look at my brand and shape its personality, and gave me valuable advice along the way. I didn’t expect nearly as much as what I got from her! I recommend her whole heartedly.

Catherine Lavoie Gosselin, Mama Etc.

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