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brand strategy template and planner



Take control of the brand people perceive you to be while optimizing your marketing for more meaningful connections and conversions.

This is your invitation to go back to basics

Create the foundation for that next, more profitable chapter of your business.

Growing a business can be pretty messy at times. This is your opportunity to reset, refocus, and rebound from the chaos to experience more growth with more ease.

Consider this is your sign to...

+ stop reinventing your brand and start taking control of it

+ confidently commit to your marketing long enough to see it bring in new revenue

+ gain the profound clarity that drives your business forward

brand strategy marketing planner

The Strategic Brand Planner is for those who:

are leaving their 9-5 to pursue their business


You do your best work with a plan in place. Immersing yourself in your own brand development will give you the clarity and momentum you need to succeed.

are launching version 2.0 of their business


This isn’t your first rodeo, you’re a seasoned entrepreneur. But this time around, you’re being more strategic and intentional to make every move count.

are planning to hire and scale their business


Major growth is on the horizon and you need to formalize your brand. You need a strategy to guide you and hand off to anyone who steps into your business for more streamlined success.


Your marketing problem is actually a branding problem.

To grow your audience, to make more sales, to attract likeminded people and partnerships, YOU need to understand the brand you’re inviting people to connect with.

The Strategic Brand Planner is a 6-part planning framework for shaping your brand foundations and optimizing your marketing, making your business growth a freakin' breeze.

The Strategic Brand Planner includes:

  • 6 brand planners designed for brand and marketing optimization

  • 200+ questions used by brand strategists to shape authentic brands

  • Brand strategy guide Canva template to centralize your brand for streamlined success

  • Access to the Brand Identity Masterclass for only $15 (save $24)

strategic brand planner

The foundation for your brand, your marketing, and your growth.

brand foundations strategic planner
brand strategy development

planner I


Discover the driving forces behind why you do what you do. You’ll establish a clear vision for your business, forecasting your trajectory so you can develop a brand that grows with your business.

planner II


Everything starts and ends with your audience in mind. Learn to speak their language as you uncover the layers of your audience’s problem that will activate their emotions and encourage action.

strategic brand planner target audience
brand planner for target audience
standing out online brand planner

planner III


Competition only exists when you’re the same as everyone else. Follow my simple framework for market analysis to reveal opportunities to distinguish your brand and become the stand out choice among your peers.

planner IV


Take control of the narrative around your business. Learn to craft memorable language that amplifies your value for more impact and recognition from the people you're in business to serve.

brand strategy and positioning workbook
brand personality planner
brand personality strategies

planner V


Develop a brand that your audience connects with. Visualize and personify your brand using emotional branding strategies, colour psychology, and brand archetypes to guide your brand identity development.

planner VI


Optimize your marketing with a more intuitive and effective marketing plan. You’ll learn to simplify your marketing by creating a content strategy that is memorable, relatable, and improves your conversions.

custom brand pattern

The Strategic Brand Planner is an evergreen tool that can be used time and time again; for every pivot, refresh, and upgrade your business may go through.

what is a strategic planner

Some of the areas you'll optimize and define using the Strategic Brand Planner

naming your business

brand discovery

tagline development

audience profiling

problem awareness

market analysis

distinction strategies

brand positioning

brand archetypes

primary offer pitch

core message

colour psychology

font psychology

brand personality

emotional branding

content strategy

brand storytelling

and so much more...

It's not just a planner—it's an anchor and your guide. It's something you'll keep coming back to for long-term, meaningful success.

jenny henderson designer and strategist

Hi! I'm Jenny!

A brand strategist, designer, and small business owner just like you. 


So much of what brand strategy and foundation building is, is asking the right questions. It's my job to know what those questions are that will:

  • have you thinking like a brand

  • allow you to simplify to optimize

  • reveal opportunities that already exist in your business

Inside the Strategic Brand Planner are many of the very questions I ask my own brand clients to develop memorable brands. Follow this simple framework to create the brand foundation that will kickstart a new chapter of possibilities for your business.

custom brand pattern

The Strategic Brand Planner shows you how to strategically simplify for success. It offers you the profound clarity that will thrust your business forward AND leave you with a formal strategy guide that will sustain that momentum.

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