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Designing an impressive lead magnet for your audience doesn't have to be a challenge. This lead magnet design consists of 30 page layouts that can be easily customized for your content using Canva.


Easily grow your mailing list with a beautifully designed lead magnet that educates, impresses and positions you as the expert.


What's included in your

Ultimate Guide Lead Magnet Template:

  • 30 styled page layouts

  • customizable designs

  • easy to use Canva platform

  • simple instruction guide 


All images are strictly placeholder and do not come with the template design.

A beautifully designed lead magnet could be the missing piece to your growing business. Lead magnets can range from informative how-to guides, branded checklists, case studies, and even webinars.

What a successful lead magnet campaign can do is build your email list so that you are able to connect with them through future email marketing campaigns or newsletters. 

What would your target audience find valuable? Give it some thought, write the content, then input your words and images into this easy-to-use template and VOILA — a beautiful ebook to attract new leads to your business!

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