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Strengthening brand memorability, connection and performance.

My approach to branding is simple. Period.

So, you want more eyes on your brand.

What about consistent inquiries in your inbox?

Before you can have all that—you need a memorable brand experience from start to finish. This means having...

+ an aesthetic that captivates them

+ content that engages them

+ a website that helps them

+ words that connect with them

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Having a brand that's a lead magnet of its very own

Being able to confidently raise your prices and still have clients eager to hire you

Having memorable brand messaging that becomes the cornerstone of your marketing

Having a brand experience that amplifies your value and converts with ease

Having a simplified strategy to hand-off to new team members for easy onboarding

Bringing in more aligned clients and revenue, so you can further your impact

Having an intuitive brand system that feels like an extension of you in the best way

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Divergent Therapy business card designs
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The branding journey is like therapy for your business.





Timeline 3–5 weeks
Investment starts at $1500

Your brand strategy is the heart and soul of your business. I’ll create a plan that amplifies the best parts of your business. We use brand strategy to position your business, to understand where your story intersects with your audience, and centralize your messaging for increased memorability. Your strategy will guide your every move as you navigate your own impact and growth over the short and long-term.

Key areas of focus include

+ key benefits

+ messaging architecture

+ tagline development

+ competitor analysis

+ design direction

+ brand voice and tone

+ brand messaging

+ brand positioning

+ customer profiling

+ customer journey mapping

Brand strategy packages are tailored to each business. This is the perfect starting point for designing your visual identity. 

brand design services toronto
memorable by designArtboard 2.png





Timeline 4–6 weeks
Investment starts at $2900

Give your business a brand identity that truly reflects your caliber. Your brand identity will act as a beacon for your ideal clients while feeling like an extension of you in the best ways. Your brand style guide provides you with the guidelines you need to deliver a memorable brand experience that will lead to increased brand awareness.

Brand design includes elements like

+ font suite

+ colour palette

+ brand patterns

+ brand guidelines

+ brand style guide

+ primary logo

+ secondary logo

+ wordmark design

+ brandmark design

+ tagline design

For the biggest impact, I recommend starting with a brand strategy. See next offer.

brand and logo concepts
memorable by design studio




Timeline 8–12 weeks
Investment starts at $3400

For a memorable and captivating brand experience from start to finish, a brand identity backed by strategy offers the biggest impact. Together, they create an experience around your business that brings people in, guides them along a journey, while supporting the natural evolution of your business.


During the strategy, I’ll hone in on your unique differentiator and craft memorable language around what you want to be known for. We’ll shape your brand narrative in a way that bridges the gap between you and your future clients—making them feel good about investing in you.


The strategy sets the stage for your brand’s visual identity. Each line, colour and font will have enriched meaning and impact while offering a cohesive brand experience.

The scope of your brand strategy is tailored to your business. 

brand style guide
brand identity for writing coach

Here's what the branding journey looks like

Step One


This is where we get to know your business. Like really know it. Inside your client portal, you’ll access and complete the discovery questionnaire which has been strategically designed to look at your business through a critical lens.

Step Two


We’ll arrange a time to chat through your answers and dig even deeper to uncover the gems hidden within your business. I’ll make sure I have everything I need to move into the strategy phase.

Step Three


I’ll get to work assembling the pieces of the puzzle. I’ll strategize your brand by clarifying and establishing a cohesive framework to support your business and package it into a custom brand strategy guide.

Step Four


The creative direction we take for your brand identity will be meaningful and aligned because it emerges from all that we’ve revealed and refined during the strategy phase.

custom brand pattern

I am absolutely thrilled with my beautiful new brand, which she seems to have pulled right out of my heart.

Jenny makes it look easy—she guides her client through a collaborative and inspiring approach to brand creation. But it is her unique, organized, and client-focused method that allows the process to flow so smoothly and the brand to be delivered so seamlessly. It takes a highly skilled designer, artist, and business expert to make the experience so smooth and simple for the client. Jenny is intuitive, friendly, organized, reliable, and highly-skilled at what she does. I am absolutely thrilled with my beautiful new brand, which she seems to have pulled right out of my heart.

Sheri Doyle, The River Pages

custom brand pattern

Thoughtful Collaboration

The best results are found in the meeting of minds, which is why the branding process is wonderfully collaborative. Your vision and voice is paramount to the success of your brand.

pilates studio brand strategy

My Promise to You

When we work together I will:

coach you through any new language or processes so you feel confident and informed throughout the journey


carefully articulate the intentions behind my designs as they relate to your business


actively seek out your feedback and ideas to ensure we honour your vision


work to create a brand that adds value to your business


listen to your concerns and coach you on how to master your deliverables in real life

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