What is a brand identity?

A brand identity is made up of established visual assets that represent a brand’s unique persona. This includes the logo, brand colours, typography and overall look that consumers become familiar with.


What is the difference between a logo and a brand?

A logo is part of the brand’s identity. While the logo may serve as the face of the brand’s image,  the brand itself is the emotional connection consumers have with your company or service.


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Why is branding important?

Designing a strong brand for your business will help you best serve your target audience and ultimately leads to success for your business. By investing in professional branding, you will focus on the needs of your ideal consumers and how their values align with your business's so you can work strategically to develop the necessary visual assets and messaging to serve them.


What is a brand strategy?

A brand strategy serves to focus on the long-term success of a brand by creating a solid foundation for your business and brand direction. This is achieved by taking a deep look at the company’s goals and trajectory, value proposition, their ideal clients, and competition to find the best avenue that will distinguish the brand in the marketplace AND attract business.

What are the elements of brand strategy?

A brand strategy will outline in detail your core values, mission statement, positioning statement, in-depth audience overviews, content pillars, and competitive analysis—just to name a few. It is the foundation of your brand and business and gives you a framework to keep growing a consistent and strong brand. The brand strategy comes first and guides the creative direction of the brand to ensure it is truly going to serve the business long-term.

What are the elements of a brand style guide?

A brand style guide outlines the key ingredients of the brand identity such as the various logos, colours, and typography. Inside it will outline the usage guidelines for all of the visual assets to ensure consistency across marketing platforms regardless of who may be working on your brand in the future.


What are brand identity guidelines?

The brand identity guidelines are the rules to follow when using logos, typography, and colour hierarchy. These guidelines, usually outlined in a brand style guide, will serve as a guidebook for designers to follow when creating marketing assets for the brand.

What different brand packages do you offer?

My brand packages range from simple brand identity package to in-depth brand strategy package, you can learn more about those here.

What's included in a brand identity package?

My brand identity package includes:

  • Brand Discovery Questionnaire

  • Choice of 2 concepts

  • 2 rounds of revisions

  • primary logo

  • wordmark

  • brandmark

  • font suite

  • curated colour palette

  • mini brand style guide

  • 1:1 social profiles x 2

How long does a logo design take?

Designing a logo is a creative and collaborative process and involves a lot of preliminary discovery work. Generally, I like to forecast two to four weeks to design a logo. This begins with some preliminary research on your company and industry followed by time for ideation. I provide two to three logo concepts to choose from, after which we work on digitizing the logo, refining the details and choosing the right colours. The process involves your critical feedback to ensure we create a design that aligns with your business and will resonate with your ideal clients.

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