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Grow your email list and impress your subscribers with an original lead magnet experience.

For a better user experience, my Canva landscape template will truly wow your audience.

Most audiences are downloading workbooks and guides on their desktop computers. The best user experience you can offer them is a freebie that's optimized for a landscape screen. This subtle design choice will be all the difference in how they experience and remember your brand.

canva template landscape ebook

Only $15

Stand out from the competition with a memorable lead magnet that caters to their needs

Your Landscape Canva template includes

  • 30 designer page layouts

  • easy editing inside Canva

  • fully customizable designs you can duplicate and rearrange to best suit your content

  • endless possibilities to inspire great content

Your target audience will be grateful for the thoughtful user experience.

The best way to grow your email list and keep your subscribers, is to give them a user experience that surprises and delights them. That's what your landscape lead magnet will do for your growing audience.

canva template landscape ebook
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