I’m a Toronto-based graphic designer who works with clients from all over the world. In helping entrepreneurs and business owners brand their business, I’ve been able to build my own. What was once just a design side-hustle has now turned into my full-time career. It’s through building my own business that I’ve learned first-hand how to help others succeed! 


Branding a business and building a business share many common threads. As a designer and a business owner, I help my clients dig deep on who they are and who they serve, creating a brand strategy that will help them thrive. 


Whether I’m helping a start-up create their brand identity or designing marketing collateral for large companies — the same level of focus and commitment goes into each and every project. 

Jenny did an amazing job of taking my vision and making it even better!  She asked the right questions and gave me many options to choose from. I highly recommend her!

JACKIE LYNCH | Pivot Point Financial Coaching

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