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My approach to branding is simple. Period.

Memorable branding is about embracing simplicity.

Your visual identity and your brand messaging, it all needs to be super simple to cut through the noise and hold space in the minds of your future clients.


But from within your own business, it’s impossible to sum up what you do with a broad stroke.


When we collaborate on your brand, I’ll help you articulate exactly what you do in a way that is memorable while still conveying all that you need it too.


To truly build recognition, you need a distinct brand identity and strategic messaging that helps shape your reputation, as the brand you want to be.

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Consider me the right brain of your business.

Hi! I'm Jenny—brand strategist, designer and small business owner just like you. I'm a creative thinker and passionate designer who does my best work well-caffeinated and in cozy pants. I believe the best brands are realized through thoughtful collaboration.


The branding journey leads to a deeper understanding of your business, clarity on your approach, and strategies that will maximize your efficiency as you grow your business.

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I use brand strategy and design to shape your reputation as a trusted service provider so you can launch your dream business doing what you love.

Branding is about shaping your reputation.

So, what do you want to be known for?

We use brand strategy to position your business, to understand where your story intersects with your audience, and centralize your messaging for increased memorability around your brand.


And here’s the best part. By embracing simplicity, you streamline your entire brand approach so you can get back to doing what you do best.

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jenny henderson testimonials

Working with Jenny was the best decision I could have possibly made for my business.


Working with Jenny was the best decision I could have possibly made for my business. Not only is my branding stunning, connected, intuitive and eye catching, but her work helped me further define the direction of business. Jenny is an absolute pleasure to work with, she goes so above and beyond for her clients and I truly couldn't imagine working with anyone else. Thank you Jenny for everything!!!!!


Kacey McCuen, Willow Care


Here's Who the Studio Helps

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Bootstrapping Solopreneurs

You like to do everything yourself. While you’re still figuring out where you want to go as a business, you’re on the hunt for the right navigation tools.

Adrift Entrepreneurs

Your business is afloat, but you seem to have lost your paddles. And let’s face it, drifting hasn’t been getting you anywhere. You’re looking for a creative partner to show you the ropes as you embark on the branding journey.

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Upgrade-Ready Brands

Your brand already has some good mileage but it can only take you so far. Whether you’ve outgrown it or it’s outdated, you know you’re due for an upgrade. You need a brand that gets noticed, one that makes people want to come along for the ride.

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Find out how strategic simplification and design can improve your brand memorability, connection and performance.


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