Hi! I’m Jenny, a brand strategist and business mentor living in Toronto, Canada. I believe in the power of strategic design to align female founders with the audience they’re meant to serve.


Listen, I get how hard running a business is — I'm a small business owner too. If you're anything like me, you're probably juggling much of it on your own, which is exactly why you need a brand that works for you!


My mission is to work collaboratively with you to create a sustainable brand that you can be proud of; one that both elevates and empowers your business.

Brand Designer & Strategist

But my goal is to give you more than just a brand that gets noticed. I'll work with you to dig deep on who you are, who you serve, what you do and why it matters.


The outcome: you’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of your business, clarity on your approach, and strategies that will maximize your efficiency as you grow your business.

That’s the power of strategic branding.


Investing in your brand is an investment in your business. Whether you’re a brand new business or are going through a rebrand—I’ll work with you to create a brand that gets noticed so you can make an impact.

Let's build a meaningful brand for your business.


Collaboration is the magic sauce that drives our design approach.


To design a brand that is authentically you, we promise to deliver an honest, personal client experience that is authentically us.


Empowerment is at the centre of what we do. It is the objective we aim to deliver through thoughtful strategy.


We believe kindness is the simplest thing you can do with the biggest impact.


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I can not say enough about my fantastic experience with Jenny Henderson studio. From the very beginning I felt that my thoughts and ideas were taken into consideration and the entire process was wonderfully collaborative. Jenny's designs and concepts were well thought out and incredibly detailed and really helped me to develop my brand beyond my expectations. Needless to say the entire process didn't just result in a fantastic brand style guide and logo but it actually helped me to gain a greater understanding of my business. I couldn't have been happier!

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