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Jenny Henderson Studio
jenny henderson studio designer

Designing memorable brands for service-based solopreneurs.

Toronto brand strategist
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The Studio focuses on increasing memorability, connection and performance for service-based solopreneurs using strategic simplification and design.

Let’s shape your reputation as the brand you want to be.

We’re all chasing more brand awareness, but the brands that really rise to the top are those that can convert awareness into familiarity.


You see, memorable branding is not just how you look but what you say.


To really imprint on the minds of your audience, you need to simplify.


By making your brand identity easy to recognize and your messaging easy to remember, you claim space in the mind's of your audience.


I’ll help you do this by creating a distinct brand identity that’s designed to get noticed while building familiarity around what you do.

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It’s not just about being seen—it’s about being known.

toronto brand designer

Consider me the right brain of your business.

Hi! I'm Jenny—brand strategist, designer and small business owner just like you.


I'm a creative thinker and passionate designer who does my best work well-caffeinated and in cozy pants. I believe the best brands are realized through thoughtful collaboration. When we partner together, I'll translate all that you are into a distinct and memorable brand.

A strong belief in keeping things simple.

In search of answers, we find opportunities.

The best ideas are born from collaboration.

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I am absolutely thrilled with my beautiful new brand, which she seems to have pulled right out of my heart.

Jenny makes it look easy—she guides her client through a collaborative and inspiring approach to brand creation. But it is her unique, organized, and client-focused method that allows the process to flow so smoothly and the brand to be delivered so seamlessly. It takes a highly skilled designer, artist, and business expert to make the experience so smooth and simple for the client. Jenny is intuitive, friendly, organized, reliable, and highly-skilled at what she does. I am absolutely thrilled with my beautiful new brand, which she seems to have pulled right out of my heart.

Sheri Doyle, The River Pages

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