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whimsical, familiar, imaginative


Story Drama Suite is a program that supports teachers by showing them how to use drama, dance and imagination to create a rich learning experience for their students. These workshops focus around different stories and offer lessons that allow students to become part of the story, rather than just part of the audience. Story Dramas build empathy, communication skills, collaboration, problem-solving skills and so much more. 

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It was important to create a tagline for the business. Not only does a tagline help communicate what the business does, it also lends itself well to enrich the brand identity. The tagline we landed on was Immersive Storytelling, which is exactly what Story Dramas are all about. This tagline was incorporated into several of the brand's logos which will facilitate brand awareness with the right audiences.

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story drama suite brand design

To create a brand identity that expressed the imaginative nature of this type of engaged learning, the individual icons that are part of the brand's primary logo exist as individual graphic elements. These are able to be used independently throughout the brand's creative to make all touch points feel playful. ​ In addition to the standard logo suite for the brand, a series of graphic logos were designed to support this playful, whimsical mood. With a vast range of icons and logos, this brand identity is anything but boring.

logo icon design

I promise you will not find another designer more thoughtful, imaginative, and skilled than Jenny


I had the recent pleasure of working with Jenny to design my brand for my new small business: Story Drama Suite. I wasn’t sure what to expect beyond a logo design and colour scheme. What she crafted for me was invaluable. Aside from her professionalism, clear communication, creative eye, attention to detail, and individualized, personal creations that matched my own imagined branding perfectly, Jenny went above and beyond with the vast amount of assets she provided me. I now have hundreds of combinations of graphics, logos, wordmarks, and more to strengthen the visual impact of my business. Jenny has carefully explained how every aspect of my branding can be used in a variety of platforms (digital, print, media, etc.) and I couldn’t be more excited and confident to start my business journey.  I promise you will not find another designer more thoughtful, imaginative, and skilled than Jenny Henderson. She knows the success of your brand reflects the quality of her own, and thus, she will work with you to ensure you are beyond satisfied and ready to introduce your company/organization/event to the world!


Michelle Gram Giesen, Story Drama Suite

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