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osteopathic branding
Divergent Therapy Logo with tagline blue



calm, caring, different


Divergent Therapy uses touch and alignment to bring their patients back into their bodies. The power of osteopathic care to calm the nervous system is why this practice specializes in helping neurodivergent populations, in particular children with neurodivergent disorders. Through simple hands on modalities, they are able to calm those with over-active nervous systems so they are able to reach their full potential. The brand identity for Divergent Therapy was carefully designed to support these feelings of calm and relief while appealing to a youthful demographic.

Divergent Therapy Logo
brand design for osteopathic therapy
Divergent Therapy business card designs
Divergent Therapy brandmark rainbow

The brand's key icon is the familiar shape of a rainbow, which is intentionally designed to be slightly irregular in form.


By using a single, continuous line with uneven spacing, it forces your brain to work a tiny bit harder to make sense of the familiar shape. But despite being imperfect, the icon itself still succeeds in offering a feeling of stillness and calm.

Beyond this intent, rainbows represent peace, joy, promise and hope. All of these meanings perfectly align and reflect the brand's greater mission: helping their patients to reach their full potential without limitation.

osteopathic care brand advertisement
Divergent Logo stacked blue.png
Divergent Logo stacked logo
Divergent Logo stacked cloud
divergent therapy branding

With a demographic who is highly sensitive to stimuli, in particular colours, it was super important that the colour choices for the Divergent Therapy brand identity be calming.


Research showed that soothing blues and greens are popular among children with autism so slightly muted tones was the approach that made sense. Light pink was also said to be a favourite among this youthful demographic, so we incorporated a gentle peach tone to add warmth to the brand's visual identity. 

Divergent Logo brandmark peach

Understanding that there are many forms of therapy, we needed to ensure that the osteopathic nature of this practice was evident in the brand assets to avoid confusion.


As such, we developed a tagline to accompany some of the logos in the brand identity. The Studio developed the tagline Osteopathic Care for a Better Way of Life.


This tagline allows for brand awareness to grow with the right community as the brand and practice launches in the community. 

osteopathic care logo
Divergent Therapy brandmark rainbow
tagline logo design for osteopathic brand
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brandmark logo design for osteopath

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