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Natty Bodhi Creative is a content creation studio who works with vegan, cruelty-free and sustainably driven brands to embrace digital storytelling and increase their reach and brand awareness. Owner and content creator, Natalie, is a triple threat. She has a background in marketing, is a highly talented photographer and has grown her TikTok following to over 51,000 followers. A creator at heart, her mission is to become the go-to content creator for vegan and cruelty-free brands across Ontario.

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The vision was clear from the get-go for Natty Bodhi Creative: to help vegan, cruelty-free and sustainably driven brands tell their story. While the primary logo design for the brand was typographic in style, we wanted to give the brand an icon to use within its brand identity. 

The sage leaf icon serves to allude to the vegan lifestyle surrounding the brand and its clients but also a homage to her daughter, Sage. It was the content she shared on TikTok with her daughter Sage that led Natalie to realize just how passionate she was about content creation and what eventually led her to starting her own content creation business.

logo design for vegan content creator
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logo design for content creator
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brandmark logo for content creator

Being a personal brand, it was important that the brand identity felt like Natalie. With this in mind, we opted for a colour palette that reflected her bright and positive personality while also being reminiscent of vibrant foods to appeal to her vegan and plant-based demographic.

To drive this detail home, we named all of the brand colours for their connection to plants and food.

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