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Brands and Businesses Evolve

It dawned on you recently...

You don’t feel at home in your brand.

 x It doesn’t represent your caliber as a business.    

 x It doesn’t draw in your ideal clients.  

 x It lacks charisma and cohesion.

how to rebrand my business

The truth is, your business has evolved but your brand hasn’t.

Your brand has some good mileage but it can only take you so far. Whether you’ve outgrown it or it’s outdated, you know you’re due for an upgrade. You need a brand that gets noticed, one that makes people want to come along for the ride.

custom brand pattern

Rebranding is more than just a makeover.

It's about developing a brand that evolves with your business.

Imagine how you’ll feel with a brand that:

 + actually reflects your caliber

 + effortlessly attracts your best fit clients

 + feels like an extension of you in the best ways

 + is intuitive and easy to embody

 + simplifies and optimizes your marketing

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brand launch for sequential success.jpeg

Some of the Studio's Rebrand Results

blondie apparel brand identity
blondie before.png


bodytonic pilates logo design
bodytonic original logo


restorative touch therapies brand image
rebrand example


Rebranding a business successfully means working strategically, understanding your client, and thinking long-term.


Rebrand Strategy

When it comes to rebranding your business, it's not a one-size-fits-all strategy. It's important to carefully consider your existing brand and implement a strategy that will best serve your unique business.

The Brand Overhaul

The Brand Overhaul is for businesses that either want or need to start over. You’re ready to ditch your existing brand and give yourself a clean slate. The brand identity, the messaging, everything gets a fresh start. You’re going back to drawing board.

logo design concepts
business card design for dental practice

The Brand Glow Up

The Glow Up is for businesses that have evolved in scope. Your current brand no longer reflects all the facets of your growing business and it needs to adapt.


The Glow Up rebrand is also for those who are looking to polish their brand identity and build out their creative assets. They're ready for more brand versatility and an enriched brand experience.

glow up

The Brand Refresh

The Brand Refresh is perfect for businesses who are looking to modernize their brand identity with a few minor tweaks, but nothing too disruptive. A brand refresh is inevitable for most businesses and usually results in strategic simplification.

rebrand a company or personal brand
custom brand pattern

She is your brand coach throughout the entire process

I've worked with Jenny for a number of years, most recently on the rebrand of my business. Jenny is not only a fabulous designer, she is your brand coach throughout the entire process. Helping you not only bring your brand into the 21 century but finding its voice and purpose along the way. A professional through and through but with the relaxed vibes of your bestie, Jenny will have you smiling through the entire process! Highly recommended.

Pierre Carapetian, Pierre Carapetian Group

custom brand pattern

The Benefits of Rebranding

Rebranding gives you the opportunity to

embody a brand that evolves with your business

be the stand out choice for your ideal clients

build trust from a place of real authenticity

communicate your expertise without saying a word

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