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pilot brand opportunity




This isn’t a brand audit. It’s a fresh perspective.
Find out what’s possible for your brand.

pilot brand airplane
pilot brand airplane
pilot brand airplane
pilot brand airplane
pilot brand airplane
pilot brand airplane

You have a logo and some colours you like—but calling it a brand identity would be a stretch

You feel overwhelmed every time you have to assemble anything remotely creative

Your content creation and marketing are all over the place


Your brand seems to attract all of the wrong people


You’re tempted by every new trend out there and suffer from serious brand envy


You’d love to rebrand but are nervous about hiring a designer

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been bootstrapping your business since day one. And look how far you’ve come!

But if there’s one area of your business that’s begging for an upgrade, it’s your brand.

how to rebrand yourself

Maybe you can relate to this...

how to rebrand a small business

You know your business deserves better—but you don’t know how or where to start.

This is your chance to find out!

pilot brand experience


pilot brand program

The Pilot Brand offers you a strategy-led creative direction that reimagines what’s possible for your brand identity. It’s your chance to work with a brand strategist and designer, without the financial commitment or contract.


Each quarter, one lucky solopreneur will get to test pilot the branding experience completely free


I’ll guide you towards the horizon of possibility as you gain the clarity that’s only achieved in flight.

We’ve all seen what a truly authentic brand can do for a business.

Imagine what it would feel like to have a brand that people get excited about.

Beyond that—imagine having a brand that YOU get excited about.

pilot brand logo
brand designer
brand designer

That’s what the Pilot Brand is all about.

This is your chance to:

See your brand through a new lens of possibility


Feel inspired and connected to your brand based on a strategic creative direction


To test drive a rebrand without the financial commitment or contract

The Pilot Brand program serves to inspire possibility while giving you a glimpse of what it’s like to work with a designer. I’ll take you through the same branding framework used with my studio clients and present you with a creative direction that reimagines what’s possible for your brand identity.

your brand reimagined
white dotted trail

Hey! I'm Jenny

I’m a brand strategist and designer who works with service-based solopreneurs. I use the branding journey to not just design memorable brands, but to empower you to think like a brand for a more magnetic, connected, and sustainable brand experience.

brand strategist
reimagine your brand direction
pilot brand program

The goal of the program is to give you the opportunity to:

pilot brand airplane
pilot brand airplane
pilot brand airplane
pilot brand airplane
pilot brand airplane

test pilot a rebrand for your business


learn how creative choices can be used strategically to appeal to your ideal clients


get a feel for the branding journey without spending a dollar


empower you to think about your business through the lens of your brand


equip you with the resources you need to give your business the brand it deserves

airplane trail

apply for the program

your flight gate



reach brand new heights

Only 4 solopreneurs get accepted for the program each year.

Here’s what Pilot Brand program recipients receive:

jenny henderson brand designer

30 minute Strategy Call with Jenny

We’ll work to unlock the best avenues for your potential rebrand. On our call, I’ll ask strategic questions based on your discovery questionnaire to increase clarity and ensure the creative direction aligns with your goals and offers solutions to your current challenges.

10-page Creative Direction

Your Creative Direction will include a brand mood board, typography direction, colours, brand voice and keywords  to convey the feeling and aesthetic I believe is best for your brand. Each creative choice is backed by strategic insights for extreme brand clarity and connection.

brand colour palette for business coach
diy brand strategy course

Brand Implementation Plan

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging. I’ll equip you with an action plan that outlines specific resources, checklists, and discounts to ensure you have what you need to implement your creative direction.

You don’t need a clear vision for your brand.

My discovery framework and strategic insights are how we translate your business into a memorable brand identity. One that feels like you and serves as a beacon for your future clients.

rebrand vision
paper planes

Ready for a pilot brand?

Here’s how the program works:

Apply for the program at the beginning of the quarter.

Applications are open during the first 2 weeks of January, April, July, and October.

Receive an invitation to your flight gate.

Access your flight gate to get your pilot brand experience started.

Complete your brand discovery questionnaire.

You'll have a few days to work on this. I promise this is your only homework.

We'll have our 30-minute strategy call.

Then I'll get to work.

See what's possible for your brand identity.

In 10 days you’ll receive your Creative Direction and Brand Implementation Plan.

brand mood board

Don’t worry—if you don’t get selected, you’ll put on the Standby List and are encouraged to reapply next quarter.

Have questions about the Pilot Brand program? Check out the FAQs.

pilot brand program

1. When can I apply?

Applications are accepted during the first two weeks of each quarter: January, April, July, and October. If the doors for applications aren’t open, I recommend getting on the Standby List to be notified when doors open again.


2. I don’t have an existing brand, can I still apply?

The Studio is looking for applicants that have been in business for at least one year and have an existing visual identity.


3. I’m not a solopreneur, am I still allowed to apply?

You can apply, but the Pilot Brand program is looking to help solopreneurs and companies-of-one take their brand to new heights.


4. What criteria are you looking for in applicants?

The ideal applicant is a solopreneur who’s been running their business for at least one year. They are actively invested in their business and have an existing brand identity in use, even if it’s relatively basic.


5. Do I receive a free brand identity from the Pilot Brand program? 

No. Those selected will receive a strategy-led creative direction that outlines recommended fonts, colours, and design aesthetic that I feel is best for their unique business. They will also receive a Brand Implementation Plan filled with resources to DIY their brand in addition to significant Studio discounts should they want to move forward with the proposed creative direction.


6. Can I reapply if I don’t get selected?

Absolutely! All applicants will be notified when selections are made. If you don’t get accepted, you’ll be automatically put on the Standby List and be reminded when applications open again.


7. When do we find out if we were selected for the program?

Applications are accepted during the first two weeks of the respective quarter. All applicants will be notified via email by the end of the third week.

pilot brand opportunity

Are you ready to reimagine

what’s possible for your brand?

Submit your application now!

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