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bold, feminine, vintage


The Main Stage is a values-driven brand consultancy. It's where women entrepreneurs go to learn how to shape their business model in a way that aligns with their values and ethics to drive positive change. When starting this brand intensive, my client had a very clear vision for her brand identity: she wanted it to be bold, vintage and have a strong feminine edge to it. Where we ended up was nothing short of memorable.

bold retro branding
vintage logo design

Before embarking on a rebrand, the business already had a strong tagline that captured the tone of the brand and their mission. This memorable tagline was incorporated into many of the brand's logo designs. The asterisk that softened the tagline's intentional curse word became a signature submark for the brand identity overall. These subtle design motifs helped emphasize the retro style we were aiming throughout the brand experience.

vintage brand experience for online business

The vibrant, retro brand colour palette and signature maven logo was also used in the brand's leading course and community, Queens of Coin. Together, we adapted the brand's elements to give the course a brand experience of its very own that felt very much like an extension of the business. Approaching this brand extension with this intentional cohesion amplifies the value of both the business and its offers.

queens of coin
tote bag design
community design

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I could give her a creative brief, disappear, and she could deliver my vision at the end


Jenny is a true gem. I have been waiting two years to work with her and I am so happy I had the opportunity to.  I had a very clear vision of what I wanted for my brand and Jenny knocked it out of the park, like I knew she would. She was consistent with communication and always delivered top notch work. I can say confidently that I could give her a creative brief, disappear, and she could deliver my vision at the end.  I would trust Jenny with any creative project at any price point. She is the best.


Kathleen McDonald, The Main Stage

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brand launch
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