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Don’t you wish you had a brand that worked for you?

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My goal is to design a brand that empowers your business.

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When we work together you’ll walk away with more than a logo, fonts and colours. You’ll receive:

a strategy that gives you the foundation you need to lead a business that is both sustainable and profitable

social media profiles and launch graphics so you can debut your new brand in style

typography that both functions in your brand and celebrates your unique personality

a colour palette curated to attract your ideal clients

a collection of logos that give your brand versatility so it’s never boring



a guide designed to give you the tools to deliver and maintain a consistent brand experience

Your business deserves a brand that gets noticed.


To get the best results, you just need to ask the right questions. Brand Discovery kicks off the process. These questions are designed to provoke deep thinking and are the key ingredient to building a brand that gets the attention it deserves.

Brand Discovery

Brand Strategy

When we work together I will:

coach you through any new language or processes so you feel confident and informed throughout the journey


carefully articulate the intentions behind my designs as they relate to your business


actively seek out your feedback and ideas to ensure the designs honour your vision


work to create a brand that adds value to your business


listen to your concerns and coach you on how to master your deliverables in real life


Concept Ideation

Concept Delivery
& Feedback Loop

Revise & Refine

Feedback Loop

whats in a brand strategy guide?

Assemble Final Brand Deliverables


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Let's get started!

Brand Identity

Timeline 5–7 weeks

The Brand Identity Package gives your business all of the brand essentials. You'll receive a versatile brand identity that can lend itself to any and every customer touch point.


You’ll feel confident in your brand with a mini style guide that covers the basic guidelines for your logos, typography, and colour hierarchy—all designed to deliver a strong, consistent brand.

Mini Brand Strategy Package

Timeline 6–8 weeks

The Mini Brand Strategy Package goes beyond the visual identity by giving you the fundamentals to grow your business. This is perfect for those who are seeking more direction in their business in order to take it to the next level.


The strategy sets the stage for the design phase and gives you the framework you need to feel confident and aligned in your business. Beyond your mini brand strategy, you’ll also walk away with an in-depth brand style guide that covers everything you need to know to maintain a consistent brand experience that will earn the trust of your ideal clients.

Brand Strategy

Timeline 7–9 weeks

The Brand Strategy Package is perfect for those who are serious about building an everlasting business. Centred around an in-depth strategy, we dive deep to build the foundation your business needs to deliver a branding experience like no other.


We’ll harness your purpose, align your values, refine your brand messaging, and give you a comprehensive framework that empowers your business.

Your visual identity will feature additional brandmarks along with a custom pattern or tagline graphic to enrich your visual identity and brand awareness. A comprehensive style guide will ensure your brand is consistent across all platforms no matter who may be working with your brand.

jenny henderson testimonials

I can not say enough about my fantastic experience with Jenny Henderson studio. From the very beginning I felt that my thoughts and ideas were taken into consideration and the entire process was wonderfully collaborative. Jenny's designs and concepts were well thought out and incredibly detailed and really helped me to develop my brand beyond my expectations. Needless to say the entire process didn't just result in a fantastic brand style guide and logo but it actually helped me to gain a greater understanding of my business. I couldn't have been happier!

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Is the success of your business reflected in the strength of your brand? If you're thinking about rebranding, you've come to the right place.

Branding bridges the gap between your product or service and the very person it’s designed to benefit.

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