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Don’t you wish you had a brand that worked for you?

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My goal is to develop a brand that empowers  your business.



Your brand awareness steadily increasing, leading to more inquiries 


Clients praising your brand and telling you it’s what drew them to you in the first place


Being able to confidently raise your prices, leading to more growth in your business


Getting to work with better clients, those who respect you and trust your expertise 


Having an intuitive brand system that’s meaningful because you helped build it


Having more free time to do what you do best

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I like to think of the branding journey as a pseudo-therapy session for your business.


Why? Because when you approach your brand strategically, the process reveals opportunities for your business to flourish.

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Why Have a Brand Strategy?


A brand built on strategy is a must-have in today’s marketplace. It focuses not just on where you are, but where you want to go as a business.


Your strategy is the plan that charts the course.

Your brand is the vehicle that takes you there.


A brand strategy marries every facet of your business—messaging, identity, positioning, and more—into a logical, intuitive framework for growth.

What Does Brand Strategy Achieve?



It forms the foundation for building a profitable business

It distinguishes your business from the competition

It protects you from unnecessary tactics and spending and grounds you in purposeful decision-making

It converts your ideal clients into loyal brand ambassadors

It informs the creative direction leading to a meaningful brand identity—one that will grow with your business



It teaches you how to think strategically about your business so you can better serve your clients


It brings you into the creative process, cultivating a deeper understanding of your brand and business


It gives you clarity and confidence about your business, making you a magnetic brand to the right people


Not familiar with the process? Let's break it down.

Phase One


This is where we get to know your business. Like really know it. You’ll be asked strategic questions designed to look at your business through a critical lens.

Phase Two


The strategy phase is where we dig deep to uncover the gems hidden within your business. We’ll start to assemble the pieces of the puzzle and finesse your narrative that will set the stage for your brand’s creative direction.

The strategy phase is where we dig deep to uncover the gems hidden within your business. We’ll start to assemble the pieces of the puzzle and finesse your narrative that will set the stage for your brand’s creative direction.

Phase Three


The creative direction we take for your brand identity will be meaningful and aligned because it emerges from all that we’ve revealed and refined during the strategy phase.

Phase Four


 You’ll walk away with a brand you’re proud of; one that looks as good as it feels. You’ll have 6 weeks of extended mentorship to ensure you know exactly how to master your deliverables and keep the momentum going as you debut your brand.


I'm rooting for your business!


The Studio’s brand packages are rooted in strategy.

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The Mini Brand Strategy

The mini brand strategy is perfect for those who are seeking more direction in their business to take it to the next level.


We start with the vision you have for your business which acts as the goal post for your mini brand strategy. We’ll establish a crystal clear persona for your future clients and pinpoint their specific needs and wants.


By analyzing the competition, we’re able to leverage your uniqueness and carve out your position in the market and in the mind of your target audience.

Signature Brand Strategy

The signature brand strategy is for those who are serious about building an everlasting business. We take everything from the mini strategy and dive even deeper, giving you the solid foundation your brand and business need to flourish.


We’ll tap into the emotional needs of your customers, finding that common ground that will forge a connection with them and make them feel good about investing in you.


We’ll transform your productivity with a framework for messaging and marketing that will grab their attention and build brand awareness. Ultimately, you will be well equipped to debut your brand and grow your business in a meaningful way.

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Branding is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

It’s my firm belief that you should only get what you need and shouldn’t pay for things you don’t. That’s why the Studio offers custom brand packages.


The  Mentorship

Our relationship doesn’t end when you receive your brand deliverables.


While the branding journey aligns you within your new brand, I want you to feel absolutely confident using your new brand deliverables, AKA your new best friends. Mastering your deliverables will transform your productivity and lead to increased brand awareness.


That’s the goal of the mentorship.

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The  Launch Plan

During the mentorship period, we’ll determine the best launch plan for your brand. We’ll establish your immediate priorities and an actionable task list to keep the momentum going as you debut your new brand.


Coaching   &   Communication

For the six weeks that follow, we’ll communicate in real time with ease over Voxer audio messaging. I’ll check in to keep you accountable and you can rely on me for feedback, advice, and general support to ensure you and your brand are stronger together!

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“Working with Jenny was the best decision I could have possibly made for my business. Not only is my branding stunning, connected, intuitive and eye catching, but her work helped me further define the direction of business. Jenny is an absolute pleasure to work with, she goes so above and beyond for her clients and I truly couldn't imagine working with anyone else. Thank you Jenny for everything!!!”

Kacey McCuen, Willow Care

Our Promise to You

When we work together I will:

coach you through any new language or processes so you feel confident and informed throughout the journey


carefully articulate the intentions behind my designs as they relate to your business


actively seek out your feedback and ideas to ensure we honour your vision


work to create a brand that adds value to your business


listen to your concerns and coach you on how to master your deliverables in real life

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Branding bridges the gap between your service and the very person it’s designed to benefit.
Are you ready to give your business the brand it deserves?