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Song Moon Press is a publisher specializing in the creation of innovative musical compositions and resources for music educators. The name “Song Moon” is inspired by the name given to September’s full moon. It is a time of year known for great work (this moon also being known as the harvest moon) and great joy through music and song.


The intention behind the design was to create a logo that felt like a piece of music. The silhouette of birds, along with the stars, cross the sky like a series of notes across a page.


Song Moon Press branding design light
Song Moon Press branding
Song Moon Press branding stacked wordmar
Song Moon Press stacked branding

A series of brandmarks were created to be used throughout the brand's creative. The song birds over the moon act as a strong signal to the brand's creative and imaginative side. This familiar imagery appeals to both the young and older audiences to which the publisher caters.

In their own words my clients said that they “saw [the] bird to stars as an expression of transformation—the transformative power of music. That's a very subtle but powerful image.

Song Moon Press brandmark
Song Moon Press brandmark
Song Moon Press brandmark
Song Moon Press brandmark
Song Moon Press brandmark
Song Moon Press brandmark

brand colours

The rather simple colour palette is anchored by a deep, dusty purple—a colour affiliated with creativity and the majestic. This dark shade was chosen to anchor the flowing design and is complemented by a soft pear hue to provide a glowing contrast. The typeface is elegant and sophisticated, ensuring the branding conveys their professionalism and the level of excellence that goes into every composition they produce.

Song Moon Press branding wordmarks
testimonial quotation

Working with Jenny was so pleasant. She is professional, organized, and creative. She is approachable and friendly in all her communications, and she leads in a way that made me feel confident throughout the process. Her Discovery Questionnaire and Planner really helped me refine my business vision, which she then took great care in understanding before brand development. She was as enthusiastic and passionate about my business as I am. I simply can’t say enough about Jenny’s artistic talent. The Style Guide she created for us is a work of art. The Social Media Kit far exceeded our expectations. Jenny produced such a beautiful brand design package that perfectly reflects who we are and what we do.

Sheri Doyle | Song Moon Press

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