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expressive, masculine, balanced


The Sober Shaman helps high-functioning addicts end the cycle of addiction using practical programs rooted in ancient medical philosophy. When my client reached out, he had DIY'd his brand and messaging and had become so lost in what he was trying to communicate, that he knew brand strategy and professional design was the best way forward. The biggest challenge was finding a way to bridge the gap between the modern mindset of his target audience with his shamanistic approach—which we solved through brand strategy.


The Sober Shaman's signature icon is inspired by yin yang that is so prevalent in their methods used for addiction recovery. The two overlapping circles of opposing characteristics speak to the messiness of addiction on the left and where the brand's ideal clients are versus the wholeness and calm feeling of where they aim to be.

The bold, distressed typography is powerful, along with the accompanying tagline text's imperfection communicate the desired tone of the brand.

expressive brand pattern design

Through the brand strategy we were able to define and refine a memorable brand message, including the tagline, sustainable recovery starts in the soul, which would become the cornerstone for the brand's marketing.

Developing this tagline, we were able to adapt this memorable message into the brand identity's logos and standalone tagline graphics to help communicate with ease what was possible.

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She not only listened to what I was saying but she also heard what I was trying to say


Working with Jen was smooth and easy. She made the creative aspects of the project fun to be a partner in and delivered work that nailed it. I think this is because she not only listened to what I was saying but she also heard what I was trying to say - and therefore landed this project where only I dreamed of going.  Awesome work!


Randal Lyons, The Sober Shaman

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