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innovative, distinct, high-end


HoMA, or the House of Modern Art, is an art-based business that serves to make fine art more accessible. The business model supports artists from Vietnam, Toronto, and Prince Edward County to create original, thought provoking art in addition to encouraging their customers to co-create art with an artist, coined Art Conductor under the HoMA brand. The goal of the House of Modern Art is to bridge the gap between the mass production of art and the luxury art market, making original art more accessible to the middle class.

logo design on art gallery sign
brand identity design and stationary

It's no secret that the business name was a play on the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) which inspired the brand identity design direction. When it comes to creating a brand identity for a business that is so immersed in the creative arts, it's important to keep things simple and neutral, as not to lean into one style that may conflict with the art or an art buyer's own preferences. The goal was to create a logo collection that was timeless, memorable, and versatile.

branding for online art gallery
logo design on business card
branding for art business
website design inspiration for online art gallery
logo design for modern art gallery

The brand identity design for this art business is proof that even minimalistic brands relying solely on typography can still be versatile, engaging and polished.


Incorporating the company tagline, Create. Inspire. Transform., into a handful of the logos, including its own stand alone submark, allows the brand to communicate its core message with ease. 

monogram logo design decal

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