The Spring Moon is a Toronto jeweller whose business was taking off.  Farheen Ali, the designer behind The Spring Moon, approached me to rebrand her business to elevate her brand so that it aligned with the high end museums and retailers that were selling her work. For Farheen, she wanted her brand to reflect the intricate nature and bold allure that exists within her pieces. They're so much more than adornment, they're pieces of wearable art.

Each of her pieces has a story to tell. “By using contrasting elements in my work and connecting them together to create a unique whole, I strive to create conversation pieces.”

Her work is very sculptural, intricate, and colourful and I wanted the design of her logo to honour that. It's about connection, a coming together of shapes and stories. Many of her pieces are refurbished into new creations from broken jewellery brought to her by her clients. There's so much more than meets the eye within her work.

brand colours

Farheen has a tagline for The Spring Moon, "Because beautiful art should not just hang on walls". This sums up how her work should be portrayed. It is more than just jewelry, it is a statement. It has a story to tell and each individual piece is significant. Whether it's the story behind the materials, the inspiration for the piece (see her work at The Van Gogh Immersive exhibit) or the history of the pieces that came together to make the new whole.

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