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retail strategist logo design



honest, refined, uplifting


Audrey Watson provides coaching and strategic planning to independent retailers who are struggling to reach that next financial milestone in their business. Unlike other retail strategists, her approach goes beyond the numbers, working one-on-one with her clients to become better leaders.


Audrey approached me as she planned to start her own retail strategist business and needed a solid brand strategy and visual identity. We collaborated and strategized to bring clarity and harmony to her business so she could build a sustainable business.

retail strategist script logo design
teal brand pattern
retail store
retail strategist branding
retail strategist typographic logo design

The brand identity that we landed on was very much a collaboration of minds. As a personal brand, it was important to Audrey that her brand identity reflected her personality. But we needed to ensure that where we landed would still strategically attract her target audience and convey what she was able to achieve for her clients.


We developed a tagline "improvement, progress, growth" and incorporated it into a handful of her logo designs to help communicate the benefits of working with a retail strategist like Audrey.

retail strategist brandmark logo
retail strategist brandmark logo
tagline graphic design
retail strategist brandmark logo
tagline pattern

In addition to a versatile typographic logo collection, a series of gradient brand patterns were designed to elevate the brand's visual experience. These designs are soft and gentle, many with uplifting curves to hint at the upward sales that will come from having a proper retail strategy. 

These custom brand patterns allow for visual cohesion across her content marketing, website, and any visual marketing needs.

brand pattern
brand strategy for retail strategist
custom brand pattern
retail strategist brandmark logo
brand pattern
arc wordmark logo design

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