annex brew co brand design


The Annex Brew Co. is a beverage company startup based in Toronto. The Annex neighbourhood is known for its beautiful old homes and friendly atmosphere. With this in mind, a house seemed to be the perfect icon for this neighbourhood beverage company, represented in 4 parts that signify the company's 4 core values.

Annex Brew Co logo design
annex brew co logo-green-04.png
annex brew co logo-house-04.png
annex brew co design process

Designing the Annex Brew Co logo had several iterations before landing on this more simplified design. Even though the logo design appears fundamentally simple, it involves much thought to its proportions to make it successful.


You may not understand how it is successful just by looking at it, but this is where the skills of proper proportion are implemented to achieve a visually appealing design. 

brand colours

Annex-Brew Co Matchbox Branding
annex brew co logo_wordmark.png
annex brew co apparel
testimonial quotation

A very talented and gifted designer. Very professional and efficient, not only was the design aligned with my needs, it was completed in a timely manner.

Jules Manias | Annex Brew Co.

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