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Cootes Co wordmark logo design



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Cootes Co. (Consulting) is a small but mighty digital marketing and PR agency in the Hamilton, Ontario area. The story behind this rebrand is a common one: a DIY logo was put together to get the business up and running. It wasn't long before we teamed up to give the Cootes Co. brand the visual identity it needed and deserved.  The rest is history.

Cootes Co wide logo design
cootes co logo design
bold brand colour palette

In fact, the intention behind the brand identity for Cootes Co. is inspired by the history of the Cootes Paradise area where it's located. The area is known for its migratory bird population including ducks and other waterfowl.


This notion of a duck seemed very fitting for the bold personality that Jenna at Cootes Co. wanted to convey. Symbolically, it strives to represent the hard work and hustle her small but mighty business is capable of: calm on the surface but always paddling furiously below.

Cootes Co round logo design
branding agency toronto
Cootes Co logo design
Cootes Co badge design
Cootes Co badge
Cootes Co badge

For the Cootes Co. brand, the goal was to create a design that would allow them to appeal to a wide range of possible clients. This can be small scale baby brands to global tech companies.


The duck proved ideal for this core design because it is a symbol that will appeal to a range of industries. It is traditional in its heritage, modern in design style, and innocent for those family-forward industries Cootes Co. may wish to attract.

brand guidelines
Cootes Co wordmarks
Cootes Co logo design
Cootes Co custom social icons

In the digital world you need your social media presence to be on point. For Jenna at Cootes Co. she is active on social with lots of amazing face time insight captured through her stories. With this in mind, we designed custom Instagram highlight icons for her brand. This levels up her brand consistency and shows her prospective clients that the details are important to her.


Jenny takes the time to truly understand your brand and the fabric that makes your business unique. Her design work is thoughtful, modern and playful while maintaining the authenticity of your brand and business.

Jenna Anderson, Cootes Co.

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