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parenting and sleep training
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supportive, welcoming, natural


Willow Care's mission is to help new parents find their way in the toughest of times. Named after the founder's daughter, Willow, the name symbolizes femininity, strength, wisdom, and nature—all things she wanted her business to be. The main goal of the brand identity was to offer something natural that also felt comfortable and safe. Through colour and typography, you'll see how these goals were achieved in the brand's design.

Willow Care Logo with tagline
willow care web design
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Willow Care brandmark

The design is inspired by the divine feminine, which is symbolized by the use of the upside down triangle. This triangle is known as the chalice and represents many things that align with the brand's deeper intention: mother, water, earth, and nurturing to name just a few. Similarly, the three points of the triangle symbolize the relationship between each two parents and a child.

Sleepy Baby
willow care logo design
Willow Care Logo alternative

The typeface does much of the heavy-lifting in bringing the true character of the brand to life. It's natural, gentle, and light—even in a dark green hue.


There's no shortage of logos in this brand design system. With e-books, video content, and a strong social presence on the docket, it was super important that the brand could easily adapt to any collateral.

willow care parenting brand logo design
willow care parenting brand logo design
willow care parenting brand logo design

To further reinforce Willow Care's key mission, we developed a tagline for the brand. Find Peace in Parenting. Through coaching and online resources, parents build strong, meaningful, and intuitive relationships with their children. The hope is that parents can unlearn some of the things society has taught them that clashes with their own instincts.

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Working with Jenny was the best decision I could have possibly made for my business. Not only is my branding stunning, connected, intuitive and eye catching, but her work helped me further define the direction of business. Jenny is an absolute pleasure to work with, she goes so above and beyond for her clients and I truly couldn't imagine working with anyone else. Thank you Jenny for everything!!!!!

Kacey McCuen, Willow Care

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