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orig-inn interior design
orig•inn logo design



creative, calm, inviting


The branding concept for ORIG•INN arose from my own interest in interior design and creative spaces. I believe that the right space can encourage and cultivate creativity. And so, this fictitious inn caters to the needs of creatives who are seeking a distraction-free space where they can explore their great ideas. An inn just outside the city where they can focus, foster, and flow.

The name ORIG•INN speaks to the origin of an idea. The ORIG•INN is the place one goes to dedicate their time and attention to exploring that idea. It's an escape. It's permission to give their creative minds the space it needs to fully explore the possibilities.

The logo is minimalistic in form but creatively merges the words origin and inn. The dot that separates the two is the focal point, the beginning of an idea, the place it all begins.

branding for inn
inn brand design
inn brand identity design
ORIGINN where great ideas come to life
orig-inn interior design sample.jpeg
where great ideas come to life
orig-inn stacked logo

The dark contour around the letter forms and imagery keeps everything clean and calm. It is also a continuation of the pen stroke seem in the script font. That custom, made by hand feel that lightly alludes to the creative mind as it works freely towards an end result on a page.

inn for creatives branding

A clean script font was important to include in the brand identity. It serves to offer that personal touch that the creative target demographic would likely be used to working in. It also provides a beautiful typographic contrast to the simple sans serif typeface used in the logo.

The use of a colourful but soothing palette was another way in which visual contrast played a role in this otherwise minimalistic brand identity. We wanted the design to be fun and creative but not too overstated. It needed to be inviting in the best way.

originn logo design and tagline
inn branding
inn branding

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