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Updated: May 12, 2023

In the online marketplace, social media is by far the easiest way to increase your brand awareness. However, you are competing with thousands — if not tens of thousands — of other brands and companies like you. How can you make your brand stand out? Grab a notebook and get ready for these 5 simple ways to elevate your brand on social media.


This is not exclusive to social media. This is true for every part of your business. The number one rule to elevate your brand experience is through consistency.

Consistent messaging.

Consistent imagery.

Consistent colour use.

This is why your brand style guide is so important. Your style guide outlines the collection of fonts and colours that have been carefully selected to reflect the tone of your brand and appeal to your target audience.

Use your brand colours often. Curate your social media imagery by choosing images or creating graphics that share these colours. For my client, Brenda Terry, I only use imagery that has pink and warm tones throughout to align with her brand identity. This deliberate tactic results in a beautiful cohesive feed.

brenda terry's curated social feed

BONUS TIP: Be sure to use high resolution imagery. There are tons of great royalty-free stock websites like and to help you build your content library.

Visual consistency is important, but so too are your captions and messaging. If you haven’t already given this much thought, take the time to do so. Are your captions fun and witty? Informative? Conservative?


If you don’t have a clear business goal in mind, you’re just posting for posting’s sake. Figure out what you would like to achieve through your brand’s social media presence. Typical business goals are increasing website traffic, increasing sales, building brand awareness and growing your email list.

Your goal can change every few months, but by having a clear goal in mind you’ll find your content creation becomes much easier. For instance, if your goal is to increase web traffic, create content that directs your followers to your website to finish the blog you alluded to or to grab that free e-book. Make sure you have well written post copy and an easy to use Instagram link page like linktree to make their user experience as easy as pie 🥧


In order to elevate your brand, you need to create a content strategy. Start by defining your target audience. This is so so important! Having a clear understanding of who you’re trying to attract to your business will determine:

  1. which social media platforms you should be creating content for

  2. what type of content they value

  3. the types of hashtags they use

Your content strategy should be created with your target audience in mind. Along with your goal, set out to create a content calendar that will entice your audience to engage. What are they interested in? What kind of content will they find valuable? How can you build their trust?

If your target audience is, say, nutritionists, start doing some hashtag research for that demographic. Start using those hashtags among your own to increase your brand reach towards your ideal clients.


I’m going to be honest with you: creating good quality content can be time consuming — but it’s soo valuable for your business. One way to help streamline the process is to use a social media scheduler to ensure you’re posting consistently and at times that perform well without dropping the ball. Automate your posts with a social media scheduler to ensure you’re posting consistently and at times that perform well without dropping the ball. Later, Meta Business Suite, Planoly and Tailwind are among the most popular.

Carve out the time to plan your posts each week or each month (I prefer doing it weekly) as well as time to design your content (or hire a designer and/or copywriter) and then just schedule your content all in one sitting. Set it and forget it.

This saves you time so you can focus on building your business and creating more high quality content.


You can have the strategy, content that is both beautiful and valuable, but, if you aren’t prepared to engage with your audience, you’re wasting your time.

For every comment you get, write a response — preferably another question to keep the engagement going. Engage with your audience. Block off 15 minutes every day to engage. If you can do this ahead of a scheduled post, the algorithm will favour your content. Be meaningful with your comments, use their name, and avoid generic emoji-only comments. Your audience will recognize and appreciate the love you give and it makes your brand feel more human.

Beyond engaging with your audience, track which type of content you post gets the most engagement. Taking note of the high engagement content can help you adjust your strategy to further elevate your brand experience.

Your business deserves success but if you’re not using social media to promote a strong brand experience, you’re losing out! Block off some time in your calendar right now (like right now) to sit down and plan your strategy. Social media is such a valuable resource for your business growth. Use these five tips to elevate your brand going forward.

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