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bakery branding
bakery brand design



spirited, homey, nostalgic


Raise Some Dough was a creative branding project I did in the spring of 2020 when we were all spending a lot more time at home. As my partner and I began to make more bread to pass the time, it seemed fitting to design a logo for our pseudo-bakery.  He came up with the name, Raise Some Dough — and also did most of the baking — I designed the brand.

raise some dough wordmark
bakery brand identity design
bakery branding mockup
bakery logo design
bakery logo design
bakery brand identity on window

Designing a bakery brand identity is one of those branding projects that are so fun to do. Akin to coffee shops, pastry or a diner—they just centre around feelings of comfort.

When I started designing this bakery logo design, it came to me fairly quickly. It was a simple sketch I came up from this image in my head: I wanted the design to emanate the joy!

For the font pairing, I opted for something unexpected and a bit retro. This typeface is more art deco in style but acts as a fun contrast to the otherwise simple loaf design.

raise some dough brand identity
logo design for bakery

The response for this bakery brand design has been overwhelming. Which is funny because it's something I did in far less time than my client brands.

People love bread and good design. The idea of bread rising—either in the prep phases or from your toaster—always bring the same end result: happiness.

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