nomu coffee brand identity design


The Nomu Coffee brand is inspired by Japanese coffee culture which is largely centred around the aesthetics of coffee and coffee making — the word "nomu" meaning "drink" in Japanese.⁠


Taking pleasure in the act of brewing which, in and of itself, is slow and soothing influenced the direction for my design. The goal for this brand is to reflect that feeling.⁠

nomu coffee logo design
nomu coffee monogram logo teal
nomu coffee monogram logo redwood
nomu coffee monogram logo

Inspired by the wooden feature walls often seen in coffee houses, a texture pattern was created for the Nomu Coffee.  This subtle texture design adds visual intrigue and depth to the otherwise minimalistic design.

The colour palette for the brand are soft and bright. These pastel tones collectively serve to promote a feeling of warmth and relaxation.

nomu pattern design
nomu pattern design
nomu pattern design

brand colours

nomu coffee stacked logo
nomu coffee stacked cup logo
nomu coffee stacked logo
nomu coffee wordmark logo

There's no shortage of versatility for this brand system. With a wide colour palette and the five logo variants to choose from, these designs will make for a strong yet consistent brand experience. This versatility also gives the brand freedom with its packaging, promotions and all creative assets.

nomu coffee cups mockup
nomu coffee package design
nomu coffee brandmark logo
nomu coffee brandmark logo design

Jenny was incredible to work with. We were thrilled with the end result and the entire process. She put in a lot of effort of understanding what the brand's history, concepts and goals that we want to achieve. She guided us on creating the logo and brand image from scratch. She presented us with a wide range of designs, and asks us for feedbacks on each of them. She was then able to take our feedbacks into consideration and tailor the design to fit our taste. Jenny provides a reliable business service, and puts the needs of her clients first. I will definitely recommend her to anyone who has branding needs.

Crystal Wong, Nomu Coffee

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