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Heather Lillico is a triple threat. Not only is she a holistic nutritionist but she's also a certified yoga and meditation instructor. She's built a successful career around helping women combat their anxiety using natural methods. Her conversations around anxiety have earned her personal brand a lot of attention over the years and so in 2023, she decided it was time to rebrand her DIY brand identity. The goal was to design a brand experience that was professional but still reflected her fun and friendly personality.

website design for wellness entrepreneur
professional brand identity design mockup

Before rebranding Heather's personal brand, we had actually designed a brand identity around her new holistic anxiety app, Cultivating Calm. The Cultivating Calm brand design led the way for how we would adapt her personal brand identity. We wanted both to feel connected but still be distinct as they catered to two different audiences. We adopted the same brand colour palette and typefaces but opted for a more timeless logo collection for the personal brand using a simple monogram approach. The signature look is perfect for her corporate facing clients for whom she hosts seminars and programs around stress management.

logo design for woman in business

Conveying the level of professionalism I needed to get high paying clients


Jenny was fantastic to work with! I was at the stage of my business where things were starting to grow but I was still using a logo I designed myself in Canva. I was having trouble connecting with my audience and sending the right message behind my business. A big fear I had with rebranding was that it would lose my personality. Jenny’s brand concept showed me how I could still maintain the fun and personality I wanted while conveying the level of professionalism I needed to get high paying clients. Jenny made the whole process easy and well-defined, very helpful for someone like myself who doesn’t like to let go of control. She worked hard to iterate the brand concepts until we had something that I loved and can’t wait to use! In the future when my brand needs a refresh I know where I’ll be turning.


Heather Lillico

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