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hair academy branding



pioneering, inclusive, creative


The Modern Hair Academy is where hair care solutionists are made. That is the tagline we developed during the brand strategy phase. The Modern Hair Academy is the sister brand to Moderno and the only place where hair professionals may become Moderno Certified. Leaders in hair loss solutions, the mobile academy offers experiential education and professional development programs and certifications. Moderno Certified professionals get exclusive access to the revolutionary Moderno products to prolong their client's hair health.

modern hair academy logo design on sign
website design for modern hair academy

The logo design for the academy was inspired by the halo design we created for the Moderno brand. The academy's logo design features two interlocking halos, creating a direct tie between the two brands. Furthermore, this interwoven motif represents the innovative integration methods that the academy teaches and the strong sense of community that the Modern Hair Academy will be known for.

branding letter for hair academy
modern hair academy folder design
hair academy model
modern hair academy crest logo on tote

What really stood out for me were the personal touches along the way that made me feel valued and appreciated.


I hope to find the right words to convey how grateful I am for you and the experience I had working with you over the last three months. As a long-time small business owner of multiple businesses, I had never worked with a brand strategist. I have to admit, when it was recommended that I hire a brand strategist for Moderno and the hair academy, I was a little overwhelmed and I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that I wanted a logo that reflected my personality and would appeal to my audience. Today, I not only have a logo, but an entire brand strategy that resonates deep with my vision for Moderno. I can not thank you enough for your patience for walking me through this entire process and for providing me with an experience that far exceeded my expectations -- not to mention was a lot of fun! From our first call, you made me feel at ease. The time you took with me at each phase left me no doubt that you were genuinely engaged in the work you were doing and that it was important to you that you understood my business, my vision, and my goals.  What really stood out for me were the personal touches along the way that made me feel valued and appreciated. Jenny, your creative skills are undeniable, but who you are as a person is your greatest asset. I very much look forward to continuing our working relationship.


Tara Pross, Moderno + Modern Hair Academy

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