Rise Creative is a full service web and marketing consulting studio who were in need of a strong brand identity. The goal of the Rise Creative branding was to feel trustworthy and fun while establishing a memorable and timeless logo. In addition to designing their brand identity I was hired to design wireframes for their entire website that would ensure a strong, consistent look. ⁠

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Rise Creative was new on the scene and needed a website design that would appeal to their demographic. As a digital marketing agency, it was important that their website design was both easy to navigate and responsive. Along with custom icons, I conceptualized the entire website wireframe design, adapting each layout for desktop, mobile and tablet to ensure the best user experience for their visitors.

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I always enjoy working with Jenny. She's a true professional. From the beginning of each project to the end, she demonstrates stellar communication skills and presents flawless design work. She does an excellent job capturing her clients brand goals, and consistently exceeds expectations.

MAXINE RAMIREZ | Rise Creative Consulting

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