One of the most daunting parts of designing a brand identity is knowing how to select the right brand colours. Colours play a significant role in attracting the right customers because they speak to our emotions.

So before you set out to create a brand colour palette for your business, decide on the feeling you want your brand to have. This is where you need to start. Once you have that feeling clear in your mind, follow the simple steps below as I show you how to use Canva to create a brand colour palette.

Use our free Brand Colour Palette Template to follow the steps in Canva with ease!


At the Studio, we rely on Pinterest for colour palette inspiration. But you need to know how to search for the right images that will speak to the vision you have for your brand. Let’s begin the process by creating a Pinterest board called “Brand Colour Palette Ideas”.

The goal is to search for imagery on Pinterest that will evoke the same feeling you want your brand to have. Photography is a perfect source of inspiration because it already captures a feeling and tells a story.

brand designer curating a brand colour palette

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There are a few different ways you can fine tune your search. You’ll want to spend some time exploring the results and collecting the images that resonate most with you to your Pintetest board.

01/ Search for the Feeling

With the feeling you have in mind for your brand, start by searching for keywords that use that keyword. For example, if your brand feeling is all about relaxation and ease, try these searches in Pinterest:

  • Relaxing photography

  • Soothing aesthetic

  • Calm photo inspo

02/ Search by Colour

If there is a colour you know what you want your brand colour palette to include, use that for your search strategy. Remember, each colour will have countless shades and tints to inspire you.

As an example, let’s say you know you want your primary brand colour to be a pink hue, try searches like:

  • pink photography

  • pink aesthetic

  • pink inspo

Here are a few photo examples we got from searching for “pink photography”. The results are amazing because you're letting the photographer work their artistic eye!

brand color palette examples inspired by pink photography

Maybe you aren’t sure what specific colour you want to lead with but you know you want a brand colour palette that’s cool or warm. Try searching for:

  • Warm photography

  • Cool colour photography

03/ Search by Theme

Personally, I often turn to interior design for inspiration. Maybe for you it’s travel or food! Inspiration can come from the strangest of places. Go nuts and search for things that you think might trigger ideas for your brand. Here are some examples that might give you some ideas:

  • interior design inspo

  • scenic photography

  • Monet paintings

  • travel photography

  • nature photography

  • food photography

  • book cover designs

  • macro photography

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How Many Colours Should a Brand Have?

There is no right or wrong answer here but somewhere between four to six colours is ideal. Our Brand Palette Framework uses five colours to ensure your brand palette will both function and achieve your desired aesthetic.

  1. Primary colour: something you know will appeal to your target audience

  2. Complementary to your primary colour

  3. Tint (light) or Shade (dark) of one of those colours

  4. Light or white neutral colour

  5. Dark anchor colour

This starting framework is a great guide to ensure your brand will have enough tonal contrast both through colour and value (light to dark).

Selecting Your Brand Colours

Here’s where the fun begins. In Canva, create a new design or use our free Brand Colour Palette Template.

  1. Go to your Pinterest board that has all of your save