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Updated: May 17

when should a small business invest in brand strategy

I’ll be the first to admit, not every small business needs a brand strategy. But every small business will benefit from one. So, how do you know if hiring a brand strategist is going to be a worthwhile investment for your small business?

There are a few stages of the entrepreneurial journey that will absolutely benefit from the support a brand strategy offers. I’m highlighting four milestones that small businesses encounter that are best navigated with a brand strategy.

So, if you’ve been wondering whether your small business should invest in brand strategy, read on and you’re sure to find your answer.



Like many small business owners, you may be balancing a 9-5 job and freelancing in between. If you’re working for someone else but are making plans to venture out on your own, investing in a brand strategy will allow you to taking the leap with confidence and clarity.

I’ve had a few clients work with me on their brand strategy before leaving the corporate world. They wanted to have a clear foundation that they knew would support them in marketing and growing their business as solopreneurs.

They could confidently ditch their 9-5 with a 30+ page strategy guide that gave them:

  • specific customer personas to optimize their marketing

  • competitor analysis for strategic distinction and positioning

  • in-depth breakdown of their key benefits and emotional impact for memorable messaging

  • clearly defined mission, vision, and purpose that would keep them on target for their goals

When you’re betting on your business and are determined to make it work, investing in a brand strategy will always illuminate opportunities for distinction, making you the stand-out choice for future clients.

You’ll spend less time guessing what to do and more time optimizing what you already know will grow your business.

when to invest in brand strategy as a solopreneur


When you have a crystal clear vision for the business you’re trying to build, working with a brand strategist to formalize the plan is a no-brainer.

So often clients like this have a clear idea for the business they’re building but they can’t simplify it to make marketing as effective as it could be.

Without a brand strategy, they end up taking messy, excitable action but aren’t thinking about the big picture. Things get overwhelming for their potential clients and this chaos ends up deterring more clients than attracting them.

A brand strategy allows those with a clear vision to simplify their approach to increase memorability and the efficacy of their marketing. We strategize the best approach for:

  • forecasting their trajectory so every action is aligned with their vision

  • simplifying their messaging to reach more of the right people and cut through the noise

  • creating a simple offer suite that is easy to understand and opt into

  • designing a cohesive brand experience from start to finish that acts like a lead magnet for their business

When you have a clear vision, your brand strategy becomes the blueprint for making your grand vision a reality.

what's included in a brand strategy
A glimpse of the inside of a brand strategy guide


If your business has changed in a significant way and you’re navigating a rebrand, a takeover, or a merger, investing in brand strategy will allow you to adapt purposefully while creating a plan for long-term success.

If you’re just looking to refresh your brand identity, you don’t necessarily need a brand strategy. Although, depending on your reasons for the brand refresh, or, if you’ve never established any kind of foundation for your business, this would be an optimal time to do so. Learn more about diagnosing the rebrand your business needs here.

For those undergoing a more significant rebrand, developing a brand strategy allows you to think big and understand what you’re trying to achieve with your brand this go-around. It allows us to take stock of what worked from what didn’t and craft a plan that will simplify your approach and amplify your unique value for memorable marketing and increased sales.

For my client at Grace+Sparrow she hired me to develop her brand strategy after buying a beloved retail store from its previous owner. She was rebranding the business and wanted to embark on a rebrand that reflected her mission, vision, and values.

Rebranding is not for the faint of heart. It’s a big undertaking. It’s always in your best interest to think strategically and invest the time to clarify and define all of the components that will make your rebrand endure long-term.


If you’re a seasoned entrepreneur who’s starting business number two and are looking to take aligned action this go-around, investing in brand strategy is going to give you the ROI you’ve been longing for.

I’ve had a few strategy clients hire me after being in business for several years. Even as six-figure entrepreneurs, they knew they wanted to approach things differently. They were seeking more simplicity, more consistency, and more ease in the way they were growing their business.

The brand strategy process is about taking stock of where you are, where you want to be, and using your brand as the vehicle for getting you there.

The brand strategy guide my clients walk away with is 30+ pages. It isn’t just a three week exercise—it’s a reliable support system that you filter every business decision through so you remain authentic, on track, and are shaping your reputation as an expert in your field.

These days, sales and marketing is a long-game. But with a tailored brand strategy supporting your business, you’ll have a framework that’s easy to commit to long-term. You’ll trust your marketing to escort your future clients to your virtual doorstep.

Regardless of the stage your small business is in, investing in a brand strategy will allow you to carve your own path as you embark on this next chapter. If you want to make marketing and growing your business a piece of cake, I’d love to support you with my brand strategy and design services.

Don’t settle for average in your business. Join me for an intro call and learn how a tailored brand strategy will lead to more recognition and revenue for your small business.

brand strategy that's memorable by design


Jenny Henderson Studio develops memorable brand experiences and strategic brand foundations to improve recognition and revenue for service-based small businesses.


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