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canadian natural products brand



natural, energetic, nurturing


Yemaya Natural Products has been around since 1996. This small but mighty business has a huge heart and exists for all the right reasons. The woman behind the business has never been in it for the money. It’s always been about helping people the best way she knows how. And when she approached me to rebrand, she was eager to reach more people who would benefit from her handmade, all natural products. We started with an in-depth brand strategy to give her the solid foundation she could rely on to grow her business across Canada.

natural product packaging

A very intuitive business owner who is greatly attuned to nature's wisdom and the spiritual world, it was important that we told this part of her story through her rebrand. In growing her own materials, she respects the ecosystem of all living things and uses various crystals in her fields and around her bee hives. The logo itself is inspired by the sacred geometric symbol known as the Seed of Life. To bring more of this part of the brand's story to the brand's visual identity, a series of crystal illustrations were designed.

branding for natural skincare brand
pre and post natal natural products
natural product box design

In addition to the collection of over 12 logo designs, her brand identity now had a collection of pattern designs, individual graphics, product icons, and crystal illustrations to create a unique brand experience that captivates her audience and communicates more about the essence behind this truly remarkable business.

type setup

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