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Updated: Mar 15

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I’m willing to bet you’ve heard people stress the importance of having clarity in your business. Maybe you already have all the clarity you need. At least—you think you do. (This is something every business owner questions from time to time.)

Whether you’re just starting your business or your business has been going through some changes, doing an annual clarity audit for your business is highly recommended to maintain momentum and encourage growth. Especially if you’ve never developed your brand strategy or created a business plan before.

Consider this Your Brand Strategy 101 Clarity Check

Below are thirty simple questions every business should confidently know the answer to as a brand. As you review this list of questions for your own business, I want you to pay attention to two things:

  1. Which questions you intuitively answer with ease

  2. Which questions you struggle to answer clear and concisely

The Rules

Before diving into this brand clarity audit, I want you to make sure you have 15–30 minutes to dedicate to it. For this clarity audit to truly demonstrate how well you know your own brand and business and how concisely you can articulate these key details, give yourself a time limit.

Thirty questions in thirty minutes. One minute per question is all you need to test your self-awareness as a brand and business.

Prefer a workbook to do a formal audit? Get access to my free brand strategy questionnaire in Notion that has all of these questions and spaces to answer them.

brand strategy 101 business questions to answer

30 Questions Brand Strategy Answers for Your Business

  1. Who are we at our core?

  2. What do we believe in?

  3. Why do we exist in the first place?

  4. What do we sound like?

  5. How do we look?

  6. How do we want to make people feel?

  7. Where are we headed?

  8. How do we lead?

  9. What do we stand for?

  10. What do we aim to achieve?

  11. How are we doing it?

  12. Why does it matter?

  13. What impact are we trying to make?

  14. How are we different from others like us?

  15. What are the advantages of our unique value?

  16. What message are we trying to communicate?

  17. What are the functional, emotional, and self-expressive benefits of hiring us?

  18. What do we want to be known for?

  19. Who are we dedicated to helping?

  20. What are the range of problems we solve for them?

  21. What are all the ways we solve those problems?

  22. How are they thinking and feeling right now?

  23. What’s important for them?

  24. Why are you the obvious choice for them?

  25. How does our story and purpose intersect with our audience’s?

  26. What do we regularly speak about?

  27. What current opportunities exist for us to be distinct?

  28. How are we optimizing our buyer’s journey?

  29. What do they need from us to make a purchase with us?

  30. What do we do to foster brand loyalty?

Review Your Brand Strategy Questions and Answers

After you’ve completed your clarity audit, ask yourself:

  • How many questions could you not come to answer right away?

  • Of the strategy questions and answers, is there a particular area of your business that could benefit from more clarity?

  • What steps must you take to gain more clarity in those areas?

If you grab my free Notion Clarity Audit Template with all of these business questions, I’ll send you a reminder in exactly one year to ensure you stay aligned and maintain momentum by doing this brand clarity audit annually.

For those seeking a bit more guidance and support navigating their brand direction, I’m here to support you. My brand strategy services offer you one-on-one brand development that will give you all the answers to these questions so you feel confident in the way you show up, the direction you’re headed and the message you market.

You can apply here or book a Brand Realignment Call with me to take that super simple first step towards more brand clarity in your business.

brand strategy 101


Jenny Henderson Studio develops memorable brand experiences and strategic brand foundations to improve recognition and revenue for service-based small businesses.


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