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Updated: Mar 15

turn your brand into a high-converting lead magnet

If you’re a business owner operating in the online space (I mean, who isn’t these days?) then you probably have at least one lead magnet helping you grow your email list. Heck, you may even have two or three. Lead magnets are a super easy way to bring people into your brand universe in exchange for something of value. But what if your brand was your greatest lead magnet? What if your brand was magnetic enough to consistently attract your ideal clients into your brand universe?

In this blog, I’ll explore the strategies that you can adopt to make your brand a high-converting lead magnet of its very own.


1. The Phases of Your Brand Experience

Just like a marketing funnel, you can optimize your brand experience to usher potential clients to invest in your business from a place of real emotional connection. The gist goes like this:

  1. The first level of your brand experience is designed to attract and appeal to new audiences. The goal is to have a brand experience that is distinct, easily builds brand awareness and brand resonance.

  2. The second level of your brand experience is designed to relate and connect with those you’ve managed to attract into your brand universe. The goal here is to ensure they stick around through your engaging content and the deep understanding you have for their problem.

  3. And finally, the third level of your brand experience is designed to foster comfort and trust. The goal here is to consistently speak to the transformation they’ll receive from investing in you. Your brand at this phase should inspire trust and lead to more conversions for your business.

In this blog I show you how to optimize your brand experience in more detail. To turn your brand into a lead magnet of its very own, keep this brand experience funnel in mind.

a high converting lead magnet needs an optimized brand experience

2. Understand Who You’re Trying to Attract

As with any lead magnet, you need to know who you’re marketing to. For your brand to attract your ideal clients, you need to have a deep and nuanced understanding of who they really are.

  • What are they struggling with that you have a solution for?

  • What’s important to them?

  • What’s their lifestyle like?

  • Why haven’t they been able to solve this problem so far?

Spend time doing market research—yes, go and actually talk to your target audience. This will allow you to optimize your brand experience, your offers, and your messaging to resonate with them so you can begin fostering a connection with them.

3. Get Familiar with Your Competitive Landscape

For your brand to be a high-converting lead magnet, you have to know what other businesses your ideal clients may be comparing you to. This too requires some research on your part. Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal client who is about to start looking for a [insert your profession here] to hire.

  • How would they begin their search?

  • What keywords are they likely to search for?

  • What are their expectations?

  • What are they looking for in finding the right business to hire?

Do a competitive analysis to get familiar with what’s already available to your target audience. This will reveal opportunities to differentiate your brand messaging, your brand identity, and your offers so that you become the more appealing choice.

your brand promise is central to your marketing for a lead magnet

4. Craft a Memorable Brand Promise

After you survey the competitive landscape, you’ll have more awareness for how to leverage your uniqueness. Your brand promise is more commonly known as your value proposition. It should clearly communicate why someone should choose your business over the competition.

  • What are the unique benefits your service has to offer?

  • What are the emotional benefits your ideal clients will gain from hiring you?

  • How can you craft your brand promise (aka value proposition) to be concise and memorable?

Your brand promise will become central to your brand messaging and the cornerstone of your marketing. For your brand to act like a true lead magnet that converts with more ease, you need to be super clear about the benefits only you bring to the table. Easier said than done, of course. This is a huge part of what my brand strategy services offer you as a business.

A few examples where you’ll use your brand promise are on the top of your website, on your the last slide of your carousel posts on Instagram and in your social media bios to communicate your unique value and become more magnetic.

5. Design a Distinct and Memorable Brand Identity

Humans are visual people. Before you’ll ever have a chance to deliver your brand promise, you need to capture their attention and get noticed. This is increasingly difficult to do these days without professional branding. Yes, if you want your brand to be a lead magnet of its very own, you’ll need to retire the DIY brand.

With your brand foundations established, the brand identity you’re able to design will be far more distinct and appealing to your ideal clients. Start by thinking about how you want your brand to feel. Ask yourself questions like:

  • how do your ideal clients currently feel?

  • what do they wish to feel instead?

  • what feeling do you want to become associated with your brand?

  • what personality do you want your brand to have and why?

Use what you know about your ideal clients, what they value, what they’re used to seeing in the competitive landscape and let that shape how you design your brand identity.

There are so many strategic design choices that can be factored into the design process to capture a mood, connect with their desired emotions, and increase memorability in the mind’s of your target audience. Have a look at some of the brands I’ve designed for some examples.

6. Lead with Value and Your Values in Your Content

Lead magnets are all about bringing value to your audience. For your content marketing strategy, there are two things you want to prioritize.

1. Directly support them where they need it most.

Leverage what you know about your ideal clients to create high-quality, informative content that addresses their unique pain points and interests. Not only does this position you as the expert but by consistently delivering value, you establish trust and credibility with your audience.

2. Factor in your own unique perspective and beliefs into your content.

Part of being distinct in the online marketplace is having your own point of view. As a brand and content marketer, doing this allows you to attract more like-minded people and more aligned clients who share your beliefs and value your perspective.

  • What do you stand for?

  • What do you believe in?

  • What matters to you in the way you approach your work?

When you stand by your method, your promise, your perspective—and play that message on repeat, your brand and marketing will become the ultimate lead magnet and fuel your business’s growth.

7. Create a Consistent Brand Experience

To turn all that you’ve created above into a high-converting lead magnet, your brand experience needs to be consistent and cohesive. Consistency fosters trust and sets a reliable expectation around your business. This trust is the tipping point to converting your leads into paying clients. In fact, brand consistency has the ability to increase your revenue by up to 33%.

It’s so important that you are thinking about the big picture here. Your website, your social channels, your email workflows and everything in between—they all need to have a natural cohesion. This doesn’t just apply to your visual brand experience. Your brand messaging and marketing need to prioritize consistency as well.

Consistency isn’t just a one time thing. Remember that sales and marketing is a long game. For your brand to become a high-converting lead magnet for your business, you need to commit to your efforts. Building trust isn’t going to happen overnight. But you also need to trust that your brand experience is doing what it’s designed to do to attract your most promising leads into your brand universe.

For your brand to become the lead magnet it deserves to be, a strategic brand foundation is the best place to start. If you’re betting on the longevity of your business, join me for a free Brand Realignment Call and let’s make a plan to turn your brand into a high-converting lead magnet of its very own.

strategy and design services to turn your brand into a high-converting lead magnet

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