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Updated: May 17

digital marketing strategy to increase conversions

If you’re struggling to increase conversions as a service provider, I’m here to tell you how to simplify everything. Far too many small business owners and solopreneurs are not giving their future clients enough time to work through their conversion journey.

Sales and marketing is a long-game, but if you're not confident about your marketing or branding, you'll never be able to stick to anything long enough for clients to buy in.

Are you quick to pivot your marketing tactics, edit your brand identity, or create a new offer when you’re not generating new business? If so, this blog is for you. Allow me to show you a super simple digital marketing strategy for increased conversions.



Our brains love the path of least resistance. When it comes to brand memorability, less is definitely more.

A study by Siegel+Gale reported that the simpler a logo is, the easier it is to remember.

To increase conversions, you really need to start by increasing brand awareness and memorability. This means your brand identity should be simple, uncomplicated, and easy to recognize in a sea of brands.

We are visual people using visual platforms: design a brand identity that is easy to recognize.

The study had another notable takeaway that is even more beneficial for your business’s overall brand and marketing strategies.

“Consumers are more likely to ascribe a logo they recognize with positive attributes, namely Trusted, Respected, Reliable and Premium.” (Logo Now Report, Siegel+Gale)

The takeaway: the simpler your brand identity, the more memorable it becomes and the more positive the impression an audience has of your business.

I believe it’s fair to say that positive associations with a brand are the gateway into trusting that brand enough to buy from it.


With a simple brand identity building brand awareness around your business—preferably one designed to attract your ideal clients—the next step is easily communicating what’s in it for them.

Your brand messaging needs to be super simple to increase memorability around what you do. The reality is, many solopreneurs doing it all on their own are not marketing gurus or copywriters. So when it comes to marketing their business, they overcomplicate their messaging as not to leave anything out that might resonate with their next possible client.

But guess what? Nobody likes to read long-winded copy. I bet you skimmed this very blog before you actually decided to read through it. (Hey, thanks for giving it a read. 😉)

The goal for your brand messaging is to be super clear about what you want them to remember about your business. For your digital marketing strategy to be truly memorable, your brand messaging needs to:

  • be easy to understand

  • stand out from the competition

  • connect with their emotions

  • be short and sweet

It’s one thing to be recognizable (see step 1), but for your digital marketing strategy to increase conversions, your brand needs simple messaging that easily becomes synonymous with your business.

The takeaway: the simpler your brand messaging, the more memorable it becomes and the easier it is for your audience to recall what you can do for them.

But there’s one key step here for your marketing plan that can’t be overlooked when it comes to increasing conversions as a service provider.


This is the hardest part, but will completely change how you’re able to grow your business. For your digital marketing strategy to work, to truly see an increase in conversions, you need to become a broken record.

Repetition is recognition so you need to be ready to keep speaking to the same, strategically simple brand message for it to work its magic. Remember, nobody is as close to your business as you are, so even if you think you’re being laborious with the messaging across your content marketing, it won’t feel that way to your audience.

Marketing and sales is a long game.

It takes seven to ten times for a potential client to encounter your brand before they start to pay attention or fully connect with what you have to say.

But if you have simple brand messaging that has been designed to be memorable and connect with that ideal client (that’s exactly what my brand strategy services do for my clients) and you keep speaking to that messaging in all of your content marketing—you’ll expedite the conversion process.

The takeaway: Have patience when it comes to your marketing strategy and be repetitive AF to build brand awareness—not just around who you are but—around what you do.


Most small business owners have a fear of commitment to their brand or marketing and sometimes both! Memorable marketing that leads to more sales is the result of having a simplified brand strategy.

pages of a brand and marketing strategy
a sample of my brand strategy guides

It’s 1000x easier to trust in your marketing when you have a simple brand strategy that is designed to cut through the noise, increase your memorability, and guide your future clients through their conversion journey.

Imagine having a 30+ page support system that was designed to help you grow your business? That’s exactly what my brand strategy clients walk away with and you can too!

Marketing without a brand strategy will completely stall your business growth.

Your brand strategy is a comprehensive guide that fuels your business growth and carries your business forward through marketing trends, tech advances, and any other curveball the digital marketing world throws your way.

Simplified strategy and memorable design is how I can help you get more eyes on your marketing so that your next big client will have a chance to connect with your message, build that trust, and feel 100% confident that you're the best person to hire.

Join me for a free Brand Realignment Call to find out how a custom brand strategy can level up your digital marketing strategy for increased conversions.

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