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7 attributes of memorable brands for staying top of mind

The reason you’re marketing your business day in and day out is to stay top of mind with your audience, right? But what if staying top of mind didn’t mean you had to post on social media every single damn day on every single damn platform?

What if there was an easier way to turn first impressions into recognition and revenue for your business?

Here at the Studio, my philosophy is that brands should be memorable by design. This ensures your business stays top of mind because memorability is built into your brand DNA.

To improve memorability around your brand and business, your entire brand experience needs to be designed to be memorable, to hold space in the minds of your target audience.

Read on to learn how you can create a more memorable brand experience that will help grow your business.



We are bombarded by brands all day long. And whether you realize it or not, the more you see a brand, the more willing you are to buy from them.

There’s a psychological name for this: it’s called the mere exposure effect. This phenomenon suggests that our preference for something grows the more we are exposed to it.

In short: familiarity breeds affection.

This is why it’s important to make your brand ease to remember at all touch points.


In business and marketing, first impressions are everything. And according to Forbes, it takes all of seven seconds for someone to form an opinion about your brand, your business, and even you.

So while most small businesses are worrying about standing out online and getting noticed in the first place—they should be more concerned with how they’re making those seven seconds count.

Is your brand sending the right message?

Does it communicate your true caliber in an instant?

Beyond this seven second rule, it’s been said that someone needs to be exposed to a brand more than seven times before it truly registers in their mind.

Which is why we want to ensure your brand is memorable by design, optimizing each of those encounters to expedite that familiarity factor.

Which, as we now know, breeds affection and leads to trust.


Your brand needs to be memorable so when your next client is FINALLY ready to hire someone like you or that follower of yours has an opportunity to refer someone with your exact skillset, YOU are the first business they think of.

These are the seven attributes that keep brands top of mind so they see more recognition and revenue in their business.


Simple design and familiar styles makes it much easier for your audience to recognize and remember your brand. And let’s face it, your audience needs all the help they can get.

In fact, a study by Siegel+Gale surveyed 3000 people across the US and UK reported that the simpler a logo design the more memorable it became. It even supported the mere exposure effect by reporting:

“Consumers are more likely to ascribe a logo they recognize with positive attributes, namely Trusted, Respected, Reliable and Premium.” Logo Now Report

A few examples of simple logo designs created for our clients.


With an understanding of who your ideal client is and how they’re hoping to feel, you’re able to use strategic design choices within your brand identity design to appeal to their emotions.

Why is this important?

Because we remember things that trigger our emotions.


Novelty and your ability to break through the monotony online is a surefire way to boost memorability around your business. Ditch the Canva templates that only help you blend in with the masses.

Instead, surprise and delight your audience with a brand experience that is refreshingly original and authentically you. This, too, will trigger an emotional response and improve your brand memorability.


Studies show that brand consistency has the ability to increase your revenue by up to 33%. Consistency across your brand channels—from your website and social channels to your freebies and programs—every possible touchpoint benefits from being unmistakably YOU.

You already know this yourself as a consumer. Disjointed brands leave room for doubt. The more cohesive and familiar a brand feels at every touchpoint, the more trust you have in them.


Simplicity in messaging is just as important as it is for design. Brand memorability isn’t just about being recognizable, it’s about being remembered for your expertise.

Keep your core brand message short, sweet, and easy to repeat. Nobody has the bandwidth to read lengthy literature, let alone absorb it.

marketing tip for staying top of mind
This quote by Sun Yi captures why brands should be concise and repetitious


Stay top of mind by making things super easy to understand about your business. Use language that your ideal clients are already using themselves. Ditch the fancy jargon and meet them where they are.

To quote Al Ries, “Get to the point or you will never get to the close”.


And finally, all of these attributes are meaningless if you aren’t able to commit to them long-term. Marketing and sales is a long-game. You need patience and commitment.

And if we know that familiarity breeds affection, then the more reliably consistent you become to your audience—whether you’re a source of information or inspiration—the faster you’ll earn their trust.

The reality, your next client is out there right now looking for a pro like you to help them. It’s as if you’re both standing in a crowded room and all they need is for you to put your hand up so they can spot you.

When you focus on developing a brand that’s memorable by design, you’re making it easier for both you and your ideal client to find each other. *cue romantic end sequence*

Here at the Studio, my entire approach is built on designing memorable brands for clients that are rooted in strategy.

Aren’t you ready to start turning those first impressions into recognition and revenue for your own business? Book an intro call with me to see how a tailored brand approach will get more eyes on your business and more clients in your queue.

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7 attributes of memorable brands


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