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I hate to break it to you, but rebranding won’t solve all your problems.

For instance, it’s not going to make you better at sales.

Although it will make you more confident. And it will lead to more inquiries — which I suppose is good, because the more sales calls you have, the better you’ll become.

Huh, okay — so let’s double down on the confidence and redact the earlier statement.

Rebranding will make you better at sales.

Let me try this again.

I’ve Got Good News and Bad News When it Comes to Rebranding.

The good news is rebranding will solve a few of your current problems.

Problems like:

  • a brand experience that undermines your expertise

  • working day and night to find new leads

  • feeling like you have to discount your services to get clients

That’s the good news. All of those problems will finally be solved. 🙌

Are you ready for the bad news?

Unfortunately, rebranding is going to create a whole bunch of new problems for you and your business.

Problems like…

  • more time spent sifting through inquiries each morning

  • rejigging your calendar to better manage the influx of business

  • telling people they have to wait because you’re booked out or sold out

I guess you could say these are good problems to have. This is just what happens when you decide to rebrand.

Let’s face it, your DIY brand at this stage of the game, is impacting your growth. So, in the off chance that you feel like you can handle those new problems and are ready to have a brand that has you charging more, looking like the expert you really are, and even improving your sales game — I can help with that.

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Jenny Henderson Studio develops memorable brand experiences and strategic brand foundations to improve recognition and revenue for service-based small businesses.


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